Moving out of New York is something people do more often than ever. This doesn’t mean that there is something wrong with NYC. Far from it. The Big Apple is still as exciting and alluring as it always was. What it actually means is that people simply want to avoid all the hassle and crowdedness of living in NYC. The problem comes when they need to figure out how to move out and where to, as they have grown accustomed to the idea that NYC is the best city in the world. Don’t worry. It is not. And we are here to help you leave it.

Where to go after NYC

Just like it is not easy to move to NYC, it is not easy to leave it. Once you’ve grown accustomed to NYC lifestyle you might find it hard to find a place that can suit you. NYC has it’s own pace and vibe that few cities in the world can match. But, luckily, most of the people that decide to leave NYC do so precisely because of its pace and vibe. Rushing everywhere and being constantly under pressure may be exciting for a young entrepreneur. But, there comes a time in everyone’s life when they simply want to slow down. This is usually due to long accumulated fatigue or simply due to starting a family. Whatever the case may be, you need to first understand yourself before picking a city.

What to consider

The main question to ask is “What do you want?”. Don’t be surprised if you haven’t got the answer straight away. Living in NYC for a long time can leave a person numb to their thoughts and desires. But, the mere fact that you are moving out of New York is a good thing. If you already know where you want to move to, great. Skip ahead to how to prepare for moving out of New York. But, if you are not yet sure, you have some thinking to do.

A girl lying in leaves, thinking about moving out of New York.

You’ve got a lot of thinking to do before moving out of New York.

Start your contemplation by figuring out whether you want to move to a big city or a smaller one. Both have their advantages and disadvantages that you need to carefully weigh out before moving.

Big cities

If you’ve simply grown tired of New York but would like to maintain the activity and adventure that it once had, then move to a big city. There are numerous cities around the US that you can choose from that have the same diversity and excitement. And, if you are a student that needs assistance for students moving for college, then leaving NYC is a no brainer. By doing so you will have a fresh start and you will be able to find a job more easily. If you’ve lived in NYC for a couple of years you probably already know all the ins and outs of big city life. Therefore, you should have no trouble with getting accustomed to any new big city that you move into. Remember, cities don’t get much bigger than Big Apple.

Smaller cities

But, if you’ve grown tired of the big city stress, then smaller cities are the way to go. People usually opt for leaving big cities once they want to start a family. Smaller cities tend to be quieter and safer. This makes them excellent for raising kids and having a calmer life. But be careful. Moving a family is a difficult task and you need to contact Spyder Moving Services – Oxford Movers in order to know how to prepare for it. So, if you are in the period of life when you feel the need to be more down to earth, move to a smaller city. Do not live in a big city unless you have to.

San Franciso Street

People of NYC forget how pleasant it can be to live in a smaller city.

Prepare for moving out of New York

Once you’ve figured out where you want to move, its time to prepare for moving out of New York. Now, in order to do so properly, you need to start your moving preparations the moment you figure out where you want to move to. That way you will have enough time to organize properly and deal with any unforeseen circumstances. And, trust us, if you aren’t used to long distance moving, there are going to be a lot of unforeseen circumstances.


The first thing to do is to start organizing. You will need to figure out your future neighborhood, gather paperwork, see what you will do for work, and deal with moving stress… Overall, you will have to deal with a bunch of things. So, start doing so as soon as possible. Make a timeline that you will follow in order to keep things neatly organized for moving. Speaking of which, you will need to hire movers to help you out.

Organizing a relocation.

There are numerous things that you will have to organize and deal with.

Finding movers

Some of you may think that they are capable of moving out of New York on their own. Well, some of you are wrong. Unless you have all the necessary equipment and capable manpower to help you use it, you cannot move properly. Especially when moving long distances. In order to have a safe move, your best bet is to hire professional movers to help you out. Start off by looking online. You can either opt for local NYC movers, or you can try to find movers from the place that you are moving to. Local NYC movers will be easier to check out in person, which a reason more to hire them. But, at the end of the day, you need to value cost-efficiently and competence above all else.

Packing for moving

One of the things you can deal with is packing. Proper packing will require you to study an online guide, but those are pretty straightforward. Just make sure that you’ve packed yourself properly as most moving mistakes are caused by improper packing. Once you are done with that you’ll be pretty much ready for moving out of New York.