Leaving New York City is a hard decision to make, but there are a lot of beautiful cities in the US, such as Chicago in Illinois. If Chicago is your next city, then you should be prepared. Living in Chicago is much different from living in New York. Moving from NYC to Chigaco might be a good decision but only if you are fully prepared. So, what do you need to know?

Pros of moving from NYC to Chicago

First, you need to know what are the pros of moving from NYC to Chicago and what to expect? What is better in Chicago than in NYC?

Pros of moving to Chicago.

Why should you move to Chicago? What makes Chicago a magnet for more and more people?

Prices are lower in Chicago

Rent is much lower. Also, if you want to buy a home, is it much cheaper. That is not all. What is else affordable and how much? New York City is known by high prices. So, you can have more for the same price you are paying now.

  • Consumer prices are 21.4% lower.
  • Restaurants in Chicago are 19% lower.
  • Consumer prices with rent are 33.7% lower.
  • Groceries prices 25.8% lower.
  • Rent is 47.3% lower.

Airline transportation

If you are traveling a lot, Chicago is the city for you because of their airline. They have huge air traffic. It is one of the best in the US. Many people are relocating to Chicago for a job if their job requires a lot of traveling. The airport in Chicago is the world’s second-busiest. Do not waste your time on layovers during the travel. Have a direct flight to any destination.

Lake Michigan

The beach is near and that is why Chicago is the city for you. During the warm summer days, many people are spending their free time on the beach with family and friends. Just imagine, beach parties, delicious food, festivals… Lake Michigan has it all. Feel of the sand and the sound of waves does not have a price. You can find a quiet place on the beach or more busiest. It depends on you.

Things to know before you move to Chicago

A distance between NYC and Chicago is 790 miles, that is almost 13 hour driving with a car. So, it is a lot. The first thing you should research about Chicago is how to get there with all your items. The answer is simple, hire a moving company and they will transport all your household goods safe while you are on the plane relaxing. One of these reliable and experienced companies is Wolley Movers Chicago. What else you should know about this amazing city in Illinois?

Chicago view from the sky at night.

Chicago is a beautiful city, so what do you need to know before you move there from NYC?

Finding a home is easy

Whether you are looking for a one bedroom home or a family home, you should not have a big problem with searching to rent it or buy it. The real estate market in Chicago is one of the best in North America. You can start with searching before moving. The average home price in Chicago is about $229,000 and a median price for one bedroom apartment is $1,980. Just to compare, the same size apartment in NYC is about $3,300.

Transportation in Chicago

Having a car in Chicago is a little bit challenging because of the parking. But, on the other hand, you have a lot of options for transportation. For example, take the L. It is a system of buses and elevated trains in Chicago which can get you anywhere on time. Pedway is very popular too. It is a system of underground tunnels and bridges. If you love cabs, download Uber and call a cab. You can share a ride with someone (UberX app).

Weather in Chicago

In Chicago, you have both, cold winters and sunny and hot summers. And your clothing will also depend on the weather. When the winter comes. dress appropriately. And when the summer comes, wear your favorite shorts and swimwear and go to the beach to enjoy the sun and relax.

Cost of the move to Chicago from New York City

Moving from NYC to Chicago is not free. It will cost you. The average price for moving one bedroom from NYC to Chicago is $2,200. But, for the three bedroom apartment, the average cost is $4,000 plus a one-way plane ticket about $300. Of course, the price can be lower or higher depends on the weight of your items and the service you want from your moving company. Do not think that you will save a lot of money if you move your items by yourself. You will need a truck, insurance, experience driver, fuel, etc. Calculate your moving costs in advance and be sure how much money you will need.

Cakculating costs of moving from NYC to Chicago.

Calculate your costs and set your budget for moving.

Tips for packing and moving to Chicago

When comes to packing and moving, tips are essential, especially if you are doing that for the first time. You are moving to the big city so, make it right.

  • Moving from NYC to Chicago will save you money if you plan your move and organize it.
  • Collect firm boxes in different sizes.
  • Do not pack all your items when moving to Chicago. Get rid of unnecessary items.
  • Take inventory to be sure you are not missing anything. That is how you will avoid moving mistakes when moving to Chicago.
  • Start with packing early. If you do not have time, your moving company can take care of that.

Living in Chicago can be special if you organize your moving and start fresh. Moving from NYC to Chicago might seem difficult and a big change, but with these informations, it will be much easier, for sure. Take a chance, call a moving company we recommended you, and book a move.