When thinking about moving to a small town, there are some things to consider before deciding. There are plenty of benefits of living in New York, and there are plenty of benefits of living in small towns. Where you live and what you prefer simply depends on where you are at this particular point in your life. Sure, in New York, you can go out to a different bar every night for a year and still not manage to visit those just in your borough, and that artisan pie place you simply adore is right around the corner. And this is all fine and dandy when you’re fresh from college or when you’re trying to make it big on Broadway. But that might not be what you’re looking for when you’re in your thirties. So, here are some pros and cons of moving from NYC to a small town.

Moving from NYC to a small town can reduce stress

Moving to a small town can reduce stress

Pros of Moving from NYC to a Small Town

Now, we know some of you are leading hectic lives in New York and imagining the small town in France from the Beauty in the Beast when thinking of the small town to which you want to move. And we hate to break it to you, but no, you will most likely not be indulging in sing-alongs with the entire town population during a peculiarly brief early-morning stroll. However, there are many more benefits of moving from NYC to a small town and we will try to list but a few.


  • It costs less to, well, simply live. According to recent data, cost of living in New York is, some would say, ridiculously high compared to the national average. Small towns are notoriously cheaper than large cities and with New York ranking almost always in the top-five places when it comes to cost of living, this certainly makes for an appealing argument in making your decision. Take note, however, that you need to pay special attention to moving costs if you decide to move but have to do so on a budget.
  • Slower pace. If you’re considering making the move to a small town for precisely this reason, you’ve most likely grown bored of the constant rush which seems pertinent to NYC. Small towns are great for families with kids, senior citizens or simply for people who need a change of pace. Moving from NYC to a small town can actually improve your quality of life since the tress of the day-to-day rush can seriously affect your health.
  • Close-knit communities.  This is more likely to happen in a small town than in NYC, since you get to talk to your neighbors, take those early-morning strolls to the grocery store with them or, simply, wave at them while jogging. You never know, some of them might even be singing aficionados. It is true that everyone knows everyone in small towns and sure, that can get tiresome. Still, this also means that there will be people in your corner in times of need.

    5 people sitting around a table at a business meeting

    Business opportunities are everywhere in NYC

Cons of Moving from NYC to a Small Town – i.e. a Mini-Ode to NYC

There are numerous reasons why you are thinking about moving from NYC to a small town. If your life in New York is sometimes frustrating, but you’re not really ready to give it up just yet, we also have some reasons why you may want to cancel, or at least postpone your move. Many people swear that NYC is the best city in the world, and there are truly many reasons why. Before deciding to move, take the following small-town drawbacks into consideration.


Lack of business opportunities. New York is often considered the city of opportunity. While it can get tough, it is true that opportunities here pop up left and right. NYC is great for getting your first job, your second job, etc. it is especially great for networking and even starting your own business.

  • If you want to move your business to New York, there are certain things to look out for. This is a bit more complicated than simply moving for personal employment. While the upside of small-town life is that there is a lack of competition, this can be a downside too. Competition breeds creativity, innovation, and zeal, which means that your small-town job can soon turn quite tedious.

    A busy street with a lot of bilborads at night

    Endless entertainment in New York

  • Not many entertainment options. There is never a dull minute in the Big Apple. From restaurants, bars, cafés, to art galleries, museums, and historic buildings, this vibrant city always has something to offer. You may not sing-along with your neighbors, but you can definitely sing-along to Wicked on Broadway. With some exceptions, this type of variety is something that small towns usually lack. So, if you’re one for clubbing or visiting museums frequently, you might want to reconsider moving to a small town.
  • Unlike New York, small towns rest. This can be a huge difference. As the city never sleeps, it has sprouted an entire symbiotic ecosystem for the purpose of fulfilling your heart’s desire. Sure, that makes a pizza delivery at 3 a.m. possible, and that is great. Transportation options are also endless and actually affordable. In small towns, you would most likely need to get a car, which can also increase your living costs.


In case you do decide to move to a small town from NYC, you need to carefully plan your move. First and foremost, devote plenty of time planning and, also, try to avoid common moving mistakes. Remember, careful organization and planning is key whenever you decide to take such life-altering steps as moving. We hope that you will be, whatever you decide in the end, satisfied with your decision. Good luck!