You must be clear about it, moving from NJ to NYC is a big change. Wherever you come from a move to one of the biggest, fastest and most bustling cities in the world can be a completely life-altering experience. New Jersey is the state next door but it can’t be more different than NYC. When moving to the city to live or work there you must know and consider some things.

Plan your moving from NJ to NYC carefully

Planning your move to NYC is very important. You have to be very meticulous when preparing a move to one of the biggest cities in the world. You have to be very careful because you surely can’t move the whole house. The prices and costs of living in New York are through the roof. You will have to find a smaller apartment or a roommate for a larger one to split the cost. This practically means that a lot of your stuff will simply be too much of a burden. Thus, you will be forced to downsize.

Planning your move includes the following steps:

  • Get rid of the things you haven’t used for more than 6 months to a year. You certainly don’t need them anymore so donate, sell, give away.
  • Get rid of your furniture, chances are it won’t fit in your new place and you can buy new furniture that does once you move.
  • Find a storage unit for all of the stuff you might need but don’t have a place for.
  • Find a local moving company. Professionals have experience and know just how to handle the NYC rush.
  • Chose the moving date close to the middle of the month. Movers are usually overbooked at the beginning and end of the month so they might give a discount if you chose some other date.
A view of New York.

Moving to NYC comes with numerous advantages and disadvantages.

If you are moving your company from NJ to NYC the things get even more complicated. When handling the relocation of your NJ company you simply can’t do without professional help. Insured, licensed movers that provide additional services like storage, crating and fast (even within a day) moving are irreplaceable. With experienced mover, a lot of the stress and headache can be relieved and you can get back to business fast.

Consider other inevitable changes after moving from NJ to NYC

As a bustling city, New York can be problematic to get used to and it could force you to change some things you took for granted back in New Jersey. These changes can really turn your living habits upside-down.

Get rid of your car

Parking space and garages in New York are at a premium. Garages cost too much and finding a parking spot in the city, that you will pay for eventually, can take up to half an hour. That said your car can become obsolete. You can consider putting it in storage, at a cost of course, or selling it. New York offers a good public transportation network that will allow you to commute without problem to or from work or wherever you need to go. You can use your driving license as an ID when you get accustomed to using the subway.

Get used to the crowd

Besides buying subway tickets you can use alternative transportation methods as also an effective way of getting around freely. Using bicycles, e-bikes, rollers or other forms of transport can also be fun. If you live within walking distance from your work all the better. In that case, you must get used to the crowds. You can’t casually take a stroll to work down a New York street in a crowd of people late for work. Get used to walking fast and taking strolls when you are in the park.

A NYC street during the rush hour.

Traffic in NYC is hectic.

Embrace the opportunities

Living in New York is something completely different. Day to day struggles and rush in traffic, subway, and streets, can always be balanced with the nice things New York offers. There is a long list of things to experience.

New York offers a list of best restaurants in the world to choose from and enjoy. A list of museums and art galleries to admire seems to be endless. Cultural life is fulfilled with the offers from Broadway and other theaters, opera, and philharmonics. If you are a social person you will appreciate the melting pot of New York. The diversity of people pouring in is amazing in every way. Different Nationalities, religions, languages, and cultures can provide for a rich social life in New York and a much more diverse one than in New Jersey.

If you are moving your company from NJ to NYC the change can be even more important and valuable. With its rush and diversity, it is a place full of business opportunities. If you have something to offer chances are that New York will provide a market for it. It’s much easier to make good business contacts and arrangements than in NJ.

From NJ you can move to one of five boroughs of New York: The Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island. If you are moving to live and work in NYC or if you are moving your business be sure to analyze them to reach the most rational location to settle in. Review which one is the best for you, Manhattan may be the best for business or you may prefer Brooklyn it’s up to you and your needs and preferences.

 Man playing a grand piano in Central Park.

New York life, freedom, and diversity.


Moving from NJ to NYC is a big step so you must try to do it correctly. Plan well in advance, find a suitable apartment and a roommate if you need one. Organize your stuff and try to find a suitable mover, you can always consult at

Although this move can be overwhelming, moving to NYC is a life-altering experience that must be fully embraced. Living in one of the biggest cities is an unforgettable experience so try to move there without too much hassle and ease into it. You will like it just let it sink in.