It is not a secret that moving is expensive, plus when you are moving to NY, life there is not cheap either. Moving from New Jersey to New York on a budget is possible when you have the right plan and when you are organized. Also, you can save money after moving too, not only to save money on moving. Leaving NJ is a big step, but at least you are not moving too far away. You can always visit NY and explore it.

A street in NYC.
Living in NY is most people dream, but it is not cheap and you should be prepared to that

If your budget is not big, don’t worry, there are some tips that will cut your moving expenses, so you can save money on your NJ move. Move without breaking the bank and prepare yourself financially. Moving is not going to be for free, but at least you don’t need to spend a fortune.

Save money when moving from New Jersey to New York

One of the mistakes when moving to NYC is that people often spend too much money. You don’t need to because there are different ways to save money. You will need it, especially when you know that housing and the costs of living are expensive in New York. Of course, it depends on the city where you will move to, New York state has other cities than NYC to offer that are much cheaper.

A calculator to calculate the costs when moving from New Jersey to New York, some coins and banknotes.
Calculate the average costs of moving from New Jersey to New York and see where you can save

Also, no matter how low your budget is, set a moving budget and know how much money you can spend. Create a moving budget and start from there, but always be ready for some additional fees, just in case.

Declutter before packing

To save money on packing supplies and on transportation, you should not pack your entire home. Before you start to pack your belongings, declutter, and decide what to move and what not to move. Make categories and if you didn’t use that item for 6 months or more, you probably don’t need it. After all, keep in mind that your NY apartment will be a different size, so your furniture may not fit in.

Donate and sell items

Moving costs will mostly depend on the size and weight of your move, so don’t move all your items to NY from NJ. Also, keep in mind that your new home will be a different size and your furniture may not fit in. You will just lose money and time on packing and moving. Organize a garage sale or sell your items online. This way, you can earn money instead of spending it. If you choose to donate, keep all the receipts because you may get some tax benefits.

Sell your car

Driving a car in NY is sometimes (often) impossible, the streets are busy and there are not parking lots. Most people use a subway and a monthly ticket is a more affordable option. Before moving from New Jersey to New York, sell your vehicle.

Get cheap packing materials

Buying moving bins and supplies can cost a lot, so another option you have it to get moving boxes for free in supermarkets, for example. For wrapping, you can use newspapers and other soft materials. But, for fragile items, you should use new and firm moving boxes to keep your items safe and undamaged. Ask friends and neighbors for packing material and supplies, and use what you already have in the house.

Find an affordable moving company

Hiring a moving company and staying within the budget is possible with some tips and tricks. Organize the process with reputable company and you will move fast, easy, and without breaking the bank.
Book a mover early and research different companies in this area. Get in-home moving estimates from a couple of companies and compare the bids. NJ and NY have a lot of movers to offer, so options are endless.

Negotiate with movers

To get the best deal for your relocation, try to negotiate with a moving company – you have nothing to lose. If you are moving a business to NY, offer them your services in exchange, for example. Ask about discounts (especially if you are a senior, student, or a veteran). Every reliable and reputable company will rather lower down the price a little bit than to let you hire another company.

Renting a storage unit instead of renting a bigger apartment

It is not a secret that housing is not cheap in NY and most apartments are small. So, rent an apartment that is enough for your needs, and for storage, rent a storage unit because it is cheaper to rent a storage unit than to rent a bigger place in NY. A lot of people from NY have a storage unit where they can store off-season items, for instance. Find a moving and storage company, you can visit and see what your options are. Also, you can rent a temporary storage unit when moving from New Jersey to New York until you find a perfect apartment for you.

A view of NY.
NY is big but usually, homes are smaller

Find a roommate

It is hard to find a perfect first apartment in NYC because there are a lot of people and prices are high. Be ready to make compromises when it comes to housing. Most young people have a roommate in NY which helps with paying rent and utilities. It is much easier to split the total costs than to pay for everything by yourself.

Choose off-season moving

It is cheaper to move off-season because moving companies are not that busy and rent is a little bit cheaper too. If you are able, move during the fall or winter. Moving from New Jersey to New York will be more affordable and less stressful.