New York today is experiencing quite an exodus. Many people are fleeing the city in search of a cheaper alternative in this Coronavirus time. The city is losing its population quickly. But even though this is the case many are finding this time and opportunity to move in. If you consider moving from Chicago to New York doing so amid this exodus may be the right time. Living in New York is a dream for many so it is no surprise that migrations into NY are still present.

Why moving from Chicago to New York?

Well, you may say that Chicago is just as big and great as NY and you might be right. But however, these two metropolises are alike there is always something about NY that draws people in. Even during the NYC exodus the urge and process of moving to NYC never stop. It still offers a change of pace and a more dynamic lifestyle. Great job opportunities are at hand. Rich cultural and nightlife in such a diverse city promises a vibrant social life and new experiences. This is the reason why finding the right apartment is hard and prices are high.

A look over the river and bridges in Chicago you will have to leave when moving from Chicago to New York.
Chicago is a great city but still many people are drawn to NY

You may say that living in New York is a dream and it is true for so many people. However, moving there from Chicago can be a big change. This will require a long period of adjustment and adaptation. But when you get through it you will experience all of the benefits that living in the big apple brings. The City can offer:

  • Great public transportation
  • Career opportunities
  • Diversity (cultural, religious and national)
  • Entertainment
  • Nightlife
  • Abundance of activities

A city that never sleeps

Well NYC is a bustling city full of activity and so much to do. Experience of walking through Central Park cant be felt anywhere else. The culture, education, and entertainment offering of NY and its many museums, theaters, and libraries are unparalleled. Busy Manhattan, Broadway, Times Square are just some of the sights that draw people in. In addition, incredible dining, bars, and cafes offer a great and unique atmosphere. New Your is a city for everyone and offers diversity and freedom that can’t be experienced elsewhere. But you must get used to a thing or two.

Be prepared for high living expenses as opposed to Chicago. Although people are leaving the city is still overcrowded which leads to sky-high apartment prices. In addition, the apartments are very small and you will have to get used to that. As you will be forced to adapt to a smaller apartment you will also be faced with a surplus of furniture and belongings. You will have to hire Golans Moving and Storage so you can put your stuff in storage. Make sure that your movers and storage handlers are reputable and trustworthy to handle your belongings.

How to handle a move from Chicago to New York?

Your New York move is not going to be easy. Just consider the distance between the two. It almost a 13-hour drive and be sure that your move will be anything but easy. It is a long-distance move that is complicated and demands good preparation to execute right. So, if you have decided to move from Chicago to New York be sure to get organized to have a successful and easy move. Try following some of the steps that will help you from the start.

A view of Central Park
Your move to NYC from Chicago will require some getting used to but the cities are similar

Make a plan when moving from Chicago to New York

A good moving plan is essential for a long-distance move. It will save you the trouble and let you sleep well through the process. Making and following plan will help you stay on track and on top of things. There are many things that can go wrong but making a plan can mitigate those risks and problems. You won’t miss or forget anything if you plan it properly first.

Start early

Start preparing as soon as you can. Planning well ahead will save you the hassle and unnecessary problems. Some unforeseen circumstances may happen but at least your plan will help you do everything on time. So, before the move get as informed as you can about everything. This will lead to worrying less and making things happen. Make sure you start planning as soon as you decide to move from Chicago to NYC.

Hire professionals

You can DIY any move. Although it is not advisable you can even do long-distance move DIY. However professional help will make your move a breeze. You can sale through the process as they will take care of all moving-related needs you have. Professional movers have the equipment, knowledge, and experience to handle your move easily and fast. Just rely on them to do their job and you can rest and relax trough it.


A long-distance move is always expensive. Make sure you make a realistic budget for the move. Be sure to plan for unforeseen problems so you can cover the additional expenses. A good Budget must cover all of the expenses so make sure to make realistic estimates and put some money aside for the move. Also, consider that NYC is expensive and that your initial expenses can be high. Plan for this and you won’t have to worry.


Make sure you cut your moving cost anyway you can. This move will be expensive so this may be essential. So, cut the cost of packing and transportation by decluttering. Get rid of all the belongings you are not using and therefore don’t need. Give them away, donate, sell, or throw away. This will lighten the load you have to transport cutting the price down and maybe even earning you some money for the move.

Trucks on the road
Make sure to hire reputable movers that can handle your long-distance move to NY

In conclusion

Although the cities are similar many are deciding for a change of scenery and opt for moving from Chicago to New York. The process can be tough and complex but it is manageable. proper planning and preparation in advance will help the move go smoothly. After that, you only have to adapt to New York and start living your dream.