When you are moving from a small town to a big town things change. Things change a lot. Your lifestyle, your everyday life, everything is bound to become different. You have used to a one way of living, but in a big city such as New York rules are changed. Any move can cause some type of stress, but when you are moving from a small town to New York stress can double itself. Before you move to New York there are some things that you need to know. We will try to mention some of those things so that you can go prepared to the Big Apple.

New York at sunset

New York is one of the coolest cities in the world

Moving from a small town to a big one

So far you have been living in a small town, where everything is close and everyone knows your name. When you enter a coffee shop waiter already knows your order. Anything can be done because you are all close and usually in a good neighborly relationship. However, from the moment you decided to move to New York things are changed. Firstly, know how to pack. Pack as much as you can because New York is expensive and there is no need to spend money there on new furniture, sheets, etc. Pack well, and start your journey. If you are moving alone to New York things can be easier than if you are moving with family. Sometimes, it is easier to figure out this big city alone than with your family, and sometimes it is easier to have your family near you so that you can give support to one another. It all depends on your circumstances. You can always go first, try and settle and then after you have arranged everything your family can join.

New York is expensive

As you may already know or you may have heard somewhere New York is very expensive. From a coffee in a coffee shop to the rents. Everything costs more here. However, there are some ways where you can save up some money in New York. You have to think about your budget from the first day of moving. Saving some money on your move can make a difference. Save up on packing materials is the way to go. Every dollar counts. Also, finding the right apartment in the right place is very important. There is no need to rent an apartment in Manhattan. Manhattan is the most expensive borough of five.

  • Bronx
  • Brooklyn
  • Staten Island
  • Queens (the biggest borough of New York)
  • Manhattan

These are the borough of New York. If you want to save some money, renting a place in Brooklyn or some other borough that is not Manhattan can be a good idea. However, it doesn’t have to be, since the gentrification is at its full bloom.

Moving from a small town to New York means that you need to save up some money

New York can be pretty expensive

New York way of living

Are you ready to have a roommate? This is something that is almost given if you are coming to New York from a small town as a single person. Sharing rent and paying bills with someone will make your life in New York easier. New York is indeed a great city that people from all over the world are coming to live in or to visit. Once you visit New York you wish that you can stay there forever. This is the reason why you should be familiar with how to save money especially in the first couple of months of your staying there. You should know where is the cheapest gym, malls with good prices and similar. At least until you start working there and be able to keep up with the lifestyle of New York.

Different transportation

When you are moving from a small town to New York, transportation is something that you will have to get used to. When living in a small town you can get anywhere in a matter of ten minutes, especially if you own a car. However, things change when living in a city such as New York. It is better maybe not to have a car than to have one. Why? Well. Mostly because of the huge traffic jams that take place throughout the day. Not having a car doesn’t mean that you will be spending money on a taxi, uber, or whatever. It means that there is a good way for you to go from one place to another by using the subway. At first, it can be scary maybe, in a lack of finding the right word, but after you get used to using the subway transportation it will be great. You can go from Brooklyn to Manhattan in a matter of half an hour during the rush hour. So, that is settled.

New York and its buildings

       You don’t need a car in New York

Not quite as in TV shows

If you ever watched any from the TV shows that took place in New York, you were probably mesmerized by how lovely this city is. Watching:” Sex and the city”, “Younger”, “Ugly Betty” and other series that were filmed in New York makes you think that it is all rainbows and butterflies, and you are not that far from the truth. However, as in any other city, you have to fight for your spot under the sun. Work hard, and enjoy in the opportunity that you have, because a lot of people from all over the world have a desire to move or visit New York, but it doesn’t happen for everyone.

Moving from a small town to New York is a big deal. Life changing. New York is a city that can give you good opportunities and it is up to you to use those opportunities in the best way possible. New York can also show you some good times, as the city with the great nightlife, restaurants and other enjoyable things. Enjoy your life in New York and good luck!