The majority of the students worldwide can’t wait for the day they will be going off to college and relocating into their dorms or their first apartments. But even though this won’t be a full relocation for you, it can still be very stressful. Especially the moving day itself. There will be a lot of things that you need to do. So, having a moving day checklist is essential. You can be insecure about things, and you might forget to do some very important things, like to prepare your car for relocation, for instance. With that said, it’s better be prepared in advance for everything. You won’t regret it.

One of the things that should be on your moving day checklist is to be rested on a moving day

As you already may know, relocation is a process that can be very tiring. Even though you will turn to specialized people aka movers, there will be things you will do on your own. And those things, especially during the summer season, will exhaust you. With this being said, one of the first things on your checklist for the moving day should be about the night before. Go to bed early and sleep at least eight hours. Prepare clothes and other things that you will wear the night before, and get a good rest so you can have enough energy to get through the next day. You will have to wake up quite early on your moving day. If you don’t the entire timeline of your relocation can be changed, and you can end up regretting that.

A couple writing down a moving day checklist.
A moving day checklist is essential for each relocation regardless of where you will go.

Now that you slept well, it is time for some action

In this step, you can decide when you want to do it. You can do it the night before, or as soon as you wake up. It’s your call. This is a significant step on your checklist. There will be a lot of last-minute items that you will need to pack. Some of them are personal belongings such as wallets, keys, document phones, and so on. But also, this is the time when you will pack your chargers, toiletries, and even snacks for the road. You are packing all the things that you were using until the very last moment. Since you might need them again when you wake up, it might be better that you do it in the morning, so you don’t unpack things again. Since you are moving out of your parent’s home, you need to do things right.

The essential thing for each moving day checklist is the final sweeping

When you are sure that you have finished packing all the things that you left for the last minute, it is time for the next step. You have to do the final sweep of your room and other parts of the house where your belongings were. Make sure and double-check that you didn’t leave anything behind. Since everything will be packed in cardboard boxes and ready for relocation, sweeping will be much easier. There won’t be many things in your way. Just make sure that movers you found through know when they need to come to load your belongings in the truck. When they do, you can look around the home if you have everything that you need.

Movers and a client laughing and playing with the boxes.
Be prepared to greet your movers and welcome them into your home.

Now, remember that it is time to wait and welcome your movers

When you find your movers and you hire them for your relocation, you will need to discuss with them the exact time and date of the relocation. So, according to this information, add waiting for your movers on your moving day checklist. Wait for them in front of your home and welcome them. Since you won’t be in a rush, it would be nice if you offer them some water or fresh lemonade. Especially on the hot summer days. Once again go through the entire plan with them and see if there is anything that you can do in addition to helping them. It is on the moving day etiquette and you should be polite. 

Another very important thing that should be on your checklist is the documents

Since this is the very last day of the entire relocation process, by now, you have probably taken care of this. But sometimes, people leave it for the last day. It is not a big mistake, but avoid waiting for this. It will only take some amount of your free time on a moving day. So, it is a minus. You will have to see if all of your documents are valid, or if they need an extension. Also, you will be moving to another state, so check out if there are some papers that the state you are relocating into is requiring. Last but not least, since you will be attending a college, make sure that you packed all the essential things for the college. If you need to bring anything with you that they asked you to.

Two movers controlling boxes they loaded into the truck.
Even movers have their own checklist.

Once you arrive at your new home unpacking will wait for you

Many students make the same mistake of unpacking everything they brought with them. But you shouldn’t. For the first day, on your moving day checklist, you should only put to unpack the essential box. First of all, it will be easier so you can take a day or two to organize everything and plan where you will put things. And at the same time, you will prevent clutter this way. Also, you are a student that just relocated to your first apartment or even a dorm room. There are probably plenty of other students and you should go out and meet them. Explore your college and the city. There will be lots of time for you to unpack thing by thing. You had an exhausting day already, so don’t be that harsh on yourself.