It is finally time to move! But, it is not a cheap or free life experience. It has its own costs and fees, unfortunately. So, what are your moving costs and how to calculate them and to be prepared? What is the average moving price? Answers to all-important question you can find here. On some things, you can save money, but something you must pay. Moving will take your money and time. That’s why it is important to know all the fact before a move.

Moving costs and how to calculate them – what affects your moving costs?

First, it depends on you and how much money you can and want to spend. It can be expensive or cheap for the same move. So, learning how you can cut your moving costs and how to calculate them will make you a real picture. There are some factors that affect your moving costs. If you do not have any experience with moving, we highly recommend you to hire a reliable moving company. Number 1 Movers Hamilton Ontario is the company that may help you with moving, packing, and transportation. Also, if you have any question about moving costs, they are here. You maybe think that hiring a mover will costs you a fortune. Number 1 Movers are very affordable company and actually, this can save you money. Imagine that you need to rent a truck, buy boxes, pack all the items by yourself and then, after that, you damage them and you do not have an insurance. You will lose a lot of time and money.

A notebook and pencil for moving costs list.

Make a list of all your moving cost, following these factors below.

Where are you moving – what is the distance ?

If a move is long-distance, of course, it will costs you more than a short-distance move. Relocation distance is the number one factor. So, first decide where are you moving.

  • Short distance move – If you will move 50 miles ( about 80 kilometers) or less than that, then do not worry about distance fees. Your move will be considered local. That means the moving costs are based on the time required to complete it, not on the distance. Moving short distance with ease is possible because you will have less work to do. A template for calculating a short distance move is, hourly rate (depends on where are you live) * a number of workers * hours to complete a move + travel fee + packing fee. The hourly rate can be between $20 and $90 per hour. 3 hours is a minimum for a local move.
  • Long distance moveWhen it comes to long distance moving costs and how to calculate them, it is a little bit more complicated and expensive. The costs of the moving are based on the weight of your items too. So the formula for calculating moving costs is different now. Weigh * distance * rate per pound per mile + additional moving fees. But, the costs are not done here. Include here your transport fees to a new city or country, for example moving from NYC to LA, living expenses for the first month (do you need a hotel?), transferring documents…

Weight and size of a move

Carrying a moving box.

Calculate how much boxes do you need and what is the weight of the shipment.

The second factor is the weight and size of the shipment. The more weight you have for moving and the more space you will occupy in a moving truck, the more you will pay. If you need a larger moving truck, that means more fuel and more money. Also, how much packing supplies do you need? Most of the people underestimate items they have. So, go through every room in your home, and decide what do you want to move, what to donate, what to sell or throw away.

How complicated is the job?

If you live on the 5th floor of the building or you have a piano to move, the cost will be more expensive than a regular. It is the third factor. Necessary extra services or obstacles can affect your moving costs. The answers to all these questions about extra fees you can contact Number 1 Movers. The costs depend on you and your moving company. Everything that makes a moving more difficult and riskier, cost more. So, make a list of unusual items you have. For example, work of art, antiques, hot tubs, etc. And after that, consider the peculiarities of location (stairs, narrow streets).

When are you moving?

It is not the same if the moving is in summer and winter. Summer is a time when the most of people are moving and buying or renting homes. That means summer moving is more expensive. Also, moving companies are already booked and they have a lot of work. So, you cannot negotiate with them to get a better deal.

How to cut moving costs?

Cutting moving costs.

Moving can be so expensive, but there are ways how to cut them and save some money.

Every penny is important, so you can cut some of the moving costs. But, how?

  • If you can, choose autumn or winter for moving. Or, if it not possible, middle of the month is also fine. You can get a better price and to negotiate with them when they are not so busy.
  • Pack your boxes by yourself and do not buy them. Free boxes are everywhere and do not throw your old newspaper. In the local shops, supermarkets, bars, restaurant…Start a little bit earlier and pack everything alone. But, you should get rid of unnecessary items and excess belongings.
  • If you want to do transport your furniture also by yourself, purchase an insurance. This will save your money in the long run.
  • Learn what are the moving costs and how to calculate them. After that, you will see what you can cut off from your list.
  • Ask your friends to help you with packing boxes and load them into a truck.