You would think that packing, unpacking and transporting will give you enough to worry and stress about. But, there is a little question of a budget that many of us do not calculate properly. Maybe you haven’t thought about everything you need to pay or buy.  Some things t you need to include in your moving budget.

Moving budget – how to calculate it right?

The first question that you should ask yourself is how willing are you to pay for as much help as you might need? Decide first will you be hiring movers or you will relocate yourself. This is actually the most important circumstance for your moving budget. When you decide what you are going to do, your calculation can start.

Calculating moving budget

Make an inventory and task list so you do not forget any expense in your moving budget.

Word of advice, if you are moving your office or your whole business be sure to hire a moving company. They do this for a living and don’t make mistake to think that this is an easy task. Besides, you have many things to worry about, regarding your business. There is too much to do so ask professionals for help.

Storage unit

Whether you are moving your house and your family or your business, plan the exact timeline for the whole process. This also includes deciding will you need a storage unit, temporary or lasting. Usually, when people move their offices, they store some office supplies or belongings in a storage unit. This is a large part that you need to include in your moving budget, especially if you need a storage unit for a longer period. Make sure to check different options for storage and their prices as well. If you decide that you’ll be needing storage for a while then check if you have a discount. U. Santini Moving and Storage Brooklyn is a company that has great and versatile offers as well as favorable conditions. It surely depends on where you live or where you are moving. If you are moving to a larger city, then you probably have more storage options.

Packing and unpacking service

This is another thing that you should consider. That is if you are planning to hire a moving company, you have this option, in most cases. This is always paid extra if you choose to use their services. This actually depends on are you in a hurry or not. If you need everything to go fast and smooth, include this in your moving budget. Because, the more help with moving you have, the less stress you will feel during your move.

Moving company price

If you are hiring movers then be sure to ask for a writing offer. To achieve this, mover has to send someone in house inspection, this way they can estimate a proper price of relocation. They need to know what exactly they will move and transport, to estimate the size of the transport vehicle and your belongings. Be sure to check their policy on damages and loses and the price of insurance.

The in-house inspection will see if you have bulky furniture, expensive or antique items, and similar things. This is the important factor in setting the price especially if you have some items such as a piano or a pool table. When trying to relocate a piano in Brooklyn area, make sure that you hire experienced movers. This type of transport requires both expertise and experience.

Beside basic price, usually, movers offer service that you can add and pay extra. Packing, unpacking, disassembling and reassembling, cleaning, transport and others. Basic price and service are different from company to company. This is why it is always smart to have a written estimate and contract so you know what their exact obligation is.

Moving by yourself

In case you have decided you want to move alone, with a help of friends, have in mind that it costs as well.

Truck rentals

Only in case you are moving literary next door, you will not need a transport vehicle. Whether you are moving near or long distance, you need a truck. There is a difference in price depending on the size of a truck. It is always smart to rent a bit bigger truck, just in case. Professionals have experience and they load a truck so they use almost every single part of a truck. You will not probably be able to use up whole space in the truck. Also, if you do not estimate the accurate size of your belongings, have an extra space in a truck just in case.

Document with a pencil

Moving budget has to include a valid insurance policy.

When you are moving in wintertime and you are renting a truck, sometimes you have to pay extra for winter equipment that you’ll need. Particularly if you are moving long distance. You have to have winter equipment.

Packing supplies

This includes everything you might need for packing, like boxes, adhesive tape, bubble wrap etc. Also, you have to include in your moving budget cleaning supplies and moving day essentials. You will need cleaning supplies for both old and new home. When you are moving to another city, make sure that you have prepared moving day essentials that include food and beverages. Bring a little extra grocery, so you don’t have to look for a store in all that haste during a move. Make a list of all packing supplies you should use when moving so you don’t forget anything in your moving budget and so that you can pack everything you want to bring with you.

Moving with your car

If you are moving with your car to another city or country, check your insurance. Maybe you can pack your car and that is everything you need in your new home. If this is the case, take a car to service and checkup first. Then see if your registration papers are in order and your insurance policy. Make sure that your driver’s license is valid in another state or you have to renew it. You might think that this is along the way job, but sometimes it requires time and money. Plan this as a part of your moving budget too.

Large piles of files and documents

Double check all your papers if you are moving long distance.

In the end, if moving is a part of your job change, be sure to check if your employer or company will cover a part of the expenses. Maybe they have a specific program that helps their employees in the relocation process.