So it is set, you are moving to Florida. Whether you are moving there to study or work, Florida has so much to offer. You will love the almost perfect weather, miles of beaches and the rich nature. But besides that, what does Florida have to offer? Is it diverse enough and what are the most diverse places to live in Florida? We can help you to find out.

Florida – The Sunshine State

The location of Florida has always been interesting as far as the diversity issue goes. Situated in the southeast USA, it has always had predispositions of being a melting pot. Bordering with Cuba and its openness to the Mexican Gulf made it a perfect place for immigrants to come and settle in the US. Throughout history, Florida was always a landing stone for explorers and migrations from the East. In modern times Florida is experiencing an inflow of people from other parts of the US. It is a mecca for retirees, military personnel and others seeking warm climate and beach views. The majority of people move to Florida and settle there, while others come as tourists. With all this, Florida experiences an influx of very different people throughout the year. Whether they visit as tourists or come to stay and live, they all contribute to the diversity of Florida cities.

A view of Miami, which is one of the most diverse places to live in Florida.

Miami is often among the first choices of those who are looking for the most diverse places to live in Florida.

Florida is a state rich in natural beauties not found elsewhere in the US. Its a coastal state that is rich in mile-long beaches and crystal blue ocean. With its warm weather, it is a magnet for beachgoers, families that adjust easily after moving here and it also attracts a lot of tourists. The majority of towns and cities are either coastal cities or are very close to the coast and beaches. At the same time, it has diverse nature and wildlife as it offers mountainous terrains, swamps, and beaches all pretty close to each other. With a lot of nature and wildlife preserves, it offers interesting and different activities to enjoy. Hiking, picnics, fishing, diving and enjoying nature and wildlife attracts a lot of adventurers to Florida.

Diversity of Florida – Best places

Statistics show that year after year some of Florida cities are among the top cities in the US based on diversity. Most interestingly the focus here is not on Miami alone, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, Avon park and others seem to be ahead of Miami regularly. An interesting fact is that specific suburbs of Fort Lauderdale are being identified as specifically diverse places to live. If you decide to move there, specialists in Fort Pierce can help you move. So which are the most diverse places in Florida? According to the latest statistics, the list is:

  • Oakland Park
  • Orlando
  • Sunrise
  • Margate
  • Tamarac
Crowd of people in the street.

The diversity of Florida is exceptional in terms of the US.

Oakland park

Oakland Park is a laid back little city that is drawing people in lately. With its laid back atmosphere, rich nature and parks, and affordable living it is drawing in a large and diverse population. Good job opportunities and affordable living make it ideal to work and live in. With its vast parks, traffic jam-free and a relaxed attitude and culture this diverse little city proves to be a magnet to newcomers. It is ideal for making Intercultural friendships and connecting with welcoming and warm people.


Orlando is considered to be one of the most visited cities in the US. It is thriving on tourism but it also is known for the innovative ideas in the digital media aviation, software, and aerospace industry. Its also considered to be well structured and a city with a developed public transportation system. The city also offers a diverse and rich cultural and artistic life with a number of art and culture festivals. Besides a good tourist offer it also provides a rich nightlife which makes it interesting to the newcomers.


We mentioned Fort Lauderdale before but it seems that its suburbs are making a mark. As its suburb, Sunrise is experiencing a growth in population by attracting young families. It is a quiet and relaxed area that promotes a stress-free environment. With its good living conditions and reasonable living expenses, it is very suitable for young families. Living in Sunrise provides residents an urban feel.


Margate is a suburb of Fort Lauderdale and has become one of the most diverse places in FL. With its mix of urban and suburban lifestyles, it is attracting young professionals as well as retirees. It has a laid back attitude and has a lot of parks that make it a stress-free environment.


As a suburb of FL, Tamarac has also become a desirable place to live in due to its diversity. It is attracting a lot of retirees from all over the US and is growing as well as becoming more and more diverse. Reasonable cost of living and a relaxed, no rush attitude make it desirable.

Bridge over a river

Florida is a desirable place to live in that makes it diverse

Moving to Florida

If you are looking for diversity Florida is the state for you. Be sure to do your research and find a place that suits you. Use the internet and this article only a starting point. Once you have made your decision try to plan your move to make it stress-free. Be sure to start planing on time and well in advance. Try to clutter and downsize and also consider putting your belongings in storage. Invest time in finding a good storage without hassle in South Florida if you are moving there. Also be sure to hire professionals for packing, insurance and moving. Once you make your decision and move, be sure to take in the hospitality of Florida. Relax, make it your new home and enjoy it to the fullest.

Conclusion on the most diverse places to live in Florida

As we have illustrated with all the above-mentioned facts, Florida is a state with an unusual level of diversity. Being sure and precise about your needs and requirements will help you immensely when choosing a place to live here.  Hopefully, you will make the right choice and enjoy immensely in one of the most diverse places to live in Florida.