The first thought on the Garden State is how great this wonderful area is. For an appropriate price, you will be able to get a spacious home, a great education in outstanding schools, a family-friendly atmosphere, and lots of miles of shoreline. So, if you prefer to live in an environment that is close to the bustle and hustle, well, you can find a town that has those amazing features from above in NJ. Just continue reading this article to discover some of the most desirable New Jersey locations close to NYC.

Apart from its convenient position, NJ has incredible scenery as well. This state has mountains, beaches, and lots of interesting amenities to offer. However, affordability is one of the 3 reasons why millennials are leaving NYC for New Jersey. So, if you are planning to change your lifestyle, come to the Garden State. You will be surprised by the things this area has to offer every day when you come back from work in NYC.

Map - Grab it, and begin checking out some of the most desirable New Jersey locations close to NYC.
Make sure to consider everything when searching for one of the most desirable New Jersey locations close to NYC!

Edison is for sure a quite alluring location in New Jersey

Before anything, you better learn on time how to move to Edison, NJ. Just make sure you gather everything your movement requires on spots similar to There, you will find out how to organize the relocation, and now let’s see why you should transfer your belongings to Edison:

  • You will be surrounded by young families, professionals, students, and even seniors. 
  • This spot is a great solution if you are planning to study here! For example, Middlesex County College will offer you affordable education where you will gain quality knowledge about many subjects.
  • The food scene is pretty amazing because Edison is home to many cultures and diverse people.
  • And more thing that makes Edison so alluring is its proximity to New York City!

Secaucus, Hudson County

Another great and quite desirable place for living is Secaucus. This community is entirely different than other parts of New Jersey. And if you are looking for a town that offers a peaceful lifestyle and that is close to Big Apple, there are plenty of reasons why you should pack your bags and househunting here. Secaucus was an agricultural community and later it becomes home to pig farms. Now, this small community is welcoming and holds many recreational activities where people of all ages are included in. Also, it gives quick access to major highways which makes him perfect for commuting to other areas of NJ and NYC too. Amenities like stores, grocery shops, restaurants are only a walk away. In other words, if you decide to come to Secaucus, you won’t have anything to worry about!

So, to make sure everything goes smoothly when transferring your belongings to this part of New Jersey, you need to work with reliable professionals. These dependable local movers will help you relocate to Secaucus whenever you want. Consider their assistance to move here and to organize an easy moving project. 

George Washington Bridge on the Hudson River.
If you want to enjoy the Hudson River whenever you want, there are plenty of reasons why your next home should be in Fort Lee.

Fort Lee is also one of the most desirable New Jersey locations close to NYC

When looking for a place that is close to the Big Apple, perhaps you should check out Fort Lee. This spot is situated along the Hudson River, and you will only need 15 minutes to commute to Manhattan. The proximity to NYC is something that many New Yorkers and New Jerseyans love about this area. Fort Lee is a great choice if you are planning to live here with your family. Your kids will have an opportunity to go to some of the best schools in Garden State. Also, affordable housing prices and costs of living are other reasons why young New Yorkers love Fort Lee, NJ. And this part of Bergen County is a good option for people who are considering settling down.

Edgewater in Bergen County is a desirable New Jersey location that is close to NYC

One more town in Bergen County that is worthy of your attention is for sure Edgewater. Considering everything that it has to offer, it is no wonder why this spot is one of the most desirable New Jersey locations close to NYC. Edgewater is diverse, and it is home to many ethnic groups. The festivals and events in this place are also something you should experience. If you decide to become an Edgewater resident, you will have an opportunity to meet amazing people and enjoy this family-friendly oriented environment.

So, when planning on moving here, you should know that this part of the state is fully covered with dependable relocating professionals. That’s why whenever you want to come to Edgewater or any other area of Bergen County, these amazing movers will help you out with your belongings. Your precious possessions will be properly prepared and transferred to the new address when you require so.

In NJ, you will be able to get a spacious home for an appropriate amount of money!

There are several reasons why East Hanover is one of the most desirable New Jersey locations close to NYC!

If you want to be close to NYC, and yet live in an amicable environment, well, there are plenty of reasons why East Hanover in NJ should be your home. For all those New Yorkers in search of peaceful life in New Jersey, this is the location worthy of attention! Here, you will be surrounded by great people who are family-oriented, an astonishing atmosphere, and amazing attractions! East Hanover is also an affordable place, safe, and close to Manhattan.

Iselin is also one of the most alluring spots in New Jersey

Regardless of how old you are in Iselin, you will find the right home in no time. Here, you will have an opportunity to choose from numerous housing options when searching for the right property. Apart from that, everything you need in Iselin is only a walking distance away. So, if you demand to be close to nature to the Big Apple at the same time, this town in the Garden State is exactly what suits your requests!