Have you decided to move from New York to Maryland? When moving, one of the first steps is to choose a place where you will live. MD, luckily for you, has many beautiful cities. But, where are Maryland places that young New Yorkers are moving to, and why they are moving to MD?

Why are young people leaving NY?

Why are people relocating out of NYC and what are the cons of living there? Of course, it is an amazing place, but it is not good enough for many. Here are some main reasons for leaving NY for good and moving to another state.

  • Very high costs of living especially in New York City. Many younger people cannot afford life in NY. Rent, transportation, bills, it is more expensive than the national average.
  • Taxes are also very high. That is why they are looking for some cheaper options and look for Maryland places that young New Yorkers are moving to.
  • Yes, there are many job opportunities but the competition is strong.
  • Traffic is crazy, and if you love to drive, it becomes impossible in NYC.

The list of Maryland places that young New Yorkers are moving to

Here are some MD places perfect for younger people. Of course, if you are able, visit some of these places and to sure about moving.

NYC skyline
New York has pros and cons and some younger people want to try their luck in another state, such as MD


If you want to have kids in the near future and you are looking for a place with good schools, a low crime rate, that is diverse, and not boring, Rockville is a place in MD to consider moving to. For moving here stress-free, locals are the best assistance for transporting all your items to your new home.

North Bethesda

Many young professionals live in North Bethesda and that is one of the main reasons why young New Yorkers want to move here. The nightlife is amazing and there are many places where you can go and have fun. It offers residents an urban feel.

Silver Spring

A small town in MD, Silver Spring, is vibrant and interesting. The median monthly rent is around $1,650 which is affordable for this area, and of course cheaper than rent in NYC. It is a diverse place with a lot of restaurant, bar, coffee shops, etc.

A girl sitting on a bed and searching on laptop about Maryland places that young New Yorkers are moving to.
Explore places in MD for younger people


If you are looking for a quiet area, consider Potomac as your new home. You can team up with experts nearby and move here with ease. Professional moving company from this area have a lot of experience, so you relocation will be safer.


One of the Maryland places that young New Yorkers are moving to is Bethesda. Make sure to handle moving out of NYC like a pro by exploring a city first. Bethesda has a strong economy and many job opportunities, that is why young professionals want to live here.