If you have in mind visiting Upper West Side in New York City, or even relocating here soon with your whole family, then you are in the right place. This guide will help you find out what you can do here and what locations are very interesting for all people to see.

You can see many historical buildings

First of all, this part of New York City has to offer many beautiful historical buildings to see. In addition, it has St John’s Cathedral. To enter this magnificent cathedral is completely free. An interesting thing is that many Hollywood films were filmed here or nearby this location. The believers love coming to this cathedral at Christmas time. Moreover, you can see really beautiful architectural styles here. If you have in mind moving to the Big Apple, you should plan sightseeing earlier.

Visiting museums is a must on the Upper West Side

The location that is popular among visitors of all ages is the American Museum of Natural History. However, it is impossible to see everything here just in one day. Therefore, we advise you to choose the things you are most interested in and start from there. And, if you have more time during the next couple of days, you can always come back and try to see the rest with your loved ones. This museum in New York City has many fossils and minerals that many people from all around the world would love to see. Since it is near Central Park, many people like visiting one after the other and in this way save some time. In case you want to move to NYC and buy a house here, you will have plenty of time to see everything that interests you.

The American Museum of Natural History on Upper West Side.
Visiting a museum with your family is always a nice activity.

Restaurants are excellent here

The thing that interests all people is the food in this part of New York City. Something that you just cannot miss is cookies made in Levain Bakery. Definitely, this bakery has the most delicious chocolate cookies in the Big Apple, according to the people who had a chance to try them. But, you should know that there can be crowded in front of the bakery. Just keep in mind that waiting in line will pay off. In case you are not a fan of the usual chocolate cookies, you should know that this bakery has other tastes that are also great. Also, make sure to visit the Time Warner Center because they have excellent restaurants. In addition, here you can also shop. This place has many more great diners, restaurants and cafes that you can visit with your family. Locals absolutely love Cafe Luxembourg, Thai Market, Kefi, Osteria Cotta, and Red Farm among the rest. As you can see, the food here is very diverse and while some places are ideal for breakfast, the others are more popular in evening hours.

A person drinking coffee in a restaurant.
You can find many excellent cafes and restaurants here.

Moving to the Upper West Side

If you and your loved ones decide that moving to this part of the Big Apple is something all of you really want, then you should ask professionals to help you settle in. Since New York City is always extremely crowded, we strongly advise you against relocating to a new address on your own. The right moving company will help you transport your belongings to your new home very quickly and smoothly. Also, reliable and experienced moving experts can help you pack and store the objects that you do not need to use in the present moment. For this reason, it will be great if you could find a relocation company that is also offering storage services in New York City. And, if they have professional packers and packing supplies, even better.

Hire a professional company when relocating here

While searching for the right company for your move to this part of the Big Apple, you need to be extra careful. This means that bringing any rush decisions regarding some company that seems okay to you, at first sight, should be avoided. The best is to ask the people you trust for recommendations, while also doing your own internet search. Finding reliable, trustworthy, experienced, and capable movers is never an easy thing to do. But, it is neither impossible. Therefore, you just have to be very patient and try to read as many reviews as you can of the companies you find okay. You can check out divinemoving.com and see what they have to offer to you and your family when relocating.

A laptop.
Use the internet on your laptop when looking for your movers.

Use your chance to see the shows when on Upper West Side

When visiting this part of the Big Apple, you cannot miss the Beacon Theater. You should find time to buy tickets for you and your family members and see a show that you find interesting. This theater is very intimate, which enables the audience to connect closely with the performers on the stage. People of all ages can find something for them here, including the elderly who want to move to New York City.

Central Park is a place that you have to see

Finally, there is Central Park, a location in New York City that appears in so many films and tv shows. Here, many people, both locals and tourists come to enjoy themselves during the whole year. In the fall, people usually ride bikes. In winter, ice skating is very popular here. During summer people come to sunbathe and enjoy the warmth. In spring, tourists and locals can take wonderful photographs of beautiful blossoms in this location.