Relocating from New York City to Los Angeles is not an easy thing at all. This step will bring so many changes in your lifestyle of which you are completely unaware of at the moment. Before you finally decide on leaving NYC for LA, you must learn some things first. Moreover, you cannot just move unprepared, you must know what awaits you once you arrive at your new Los Angeles home. So, in our article, you will find the five most important ways your life will change after relocating from New York City to Los Angeles.

Pace of life

While in New York City the pace of life is extremely fast, in Los Angeles it is a completely different story. If you are doing a highly competitive o stressful job, you will be surprised how people in this city are more relaxed, even at higher positions.

A group of friends using a laptop to find information about leaving NYC for LA.
People in Los Angeles are more relaxed in their jobs than the ones who live and work in New York City.

The weather is the first thing that you will notice is different after leaving NYC for LA

Then we come to the climate in Los Angeles, which is very different from the climate in New York City. Most of the year, Los Angeles is a sunny and warm city. In New York City you had a chance to experience all four seasons. This is because the climate in Los Angeles is the Mediterranean, while New York City has a humid subtropical climate. If you like enjoying warm weather all year-round, you should start preparing for your relocation to LA right now. So, declutter your current home, see which things you no longer need and donate them or sell some of them on the internet. Then you can start packing the items that you want to take with you. Make sure to reuse cardboard boxes that you already have at home instead of spending money on new ones. This will also affect positively on your surroundings, and your relocation will be more eco-friendly.

Waves at a beach.
Los Angeles has very warm weather most of the year.


When it comes to transportation, in New York City the majority of people are using public transport, like the subway on a daily basis. In Los Angeles, you will probably commute by car. The majority of people who live in this city function this way. Yes, this is definitely a big change, but once you get used to it everything will be much easier. If you have definitely decided to move to LA, you should pack practically. This means that you should use separate boxes for different items and label each and every box. This will help you unpack much faster when you come to your LA house.

Leaving NYC for LA – how to move

The easiest way of relocating to Los Angeles from New York City is by hiring a professional moving company. Believe us, the true experts will make the whole relocation process less stressful, faster, and easier for you and your family members. Moreover, you can find a moving company on the internet. But, it is important to be very careful and check first which companies have a license. Then, you should read the reviews of the ones that you are considering to hire. Surely, Los Angeles Transfer and Storage will turn out to be one of the best choices.

However, since you will be moving during the coronavirus pandemic, you and your loved ones need to relocate in your own vehicle. Hire the movers for their transport services and let them take care of your moving boxes, furniture items, musical instruments, and other things that you have. Importantly, bring food prepared from your home, water bottles, face masks, alcohol, antibacterial wet wipes, and hand sanitizer. Keep in mind that the safety of your loved ones should always be in the first place.

A man using a laptop and writing in his notebook.
Use the internet to find a moving company that is perfect for you when relocating from NYC to LA.

Planning is crucial when leaving NYC for LA

Also, you should prepare properly for this endeavor. This requires collecting all the information about this city before you move. And in this article, you have found many things that you should know.

Once you know what you need to do, you must create a budget plan. Especially if you need storage services. So, decide what kind of things you want to store and for how long and plan your budget like a pro.


When it comes to diversity, both New York City and Los Angeles are very diverse. However, in Los Angeles, there are many Hispanics. Most of them are of Mexican origin. As a consequence, you can hear the Spanish language at every corner. And because of this, you should try to learn it before you move to LA. The great thing is, the people in Los Angeles are more friendly than the people in NYC. This is probably due to a slower and more relaxed way of life. Because of this pace, they are not so stressed out. Therefore, relocating to Los Angeles can bring many new friends into your life. And this is something that many people love about that city.


Finally, we come to food. Because there are many people from Mexico in Los Angeles, it has the most wonderful Mexican restaurants where you can have a meal. Their food is so delicious and tasty, that you must try it. In addition, in most Mexican restaurants you can enjoy a warm atmosphere and people are very friendly and communicative.