Thinking about moving from Nevada to New York- it is a big step and a great change. Relocation from one coast to another takes a lot of courage. To prepare for leaving Las Vegas for NYC, you need to know what to expect during moving and what to expect after your relocation. Adjusting process also takes time.

Decide what to pack for moving to NYC

Why packing is important in this case? Because of the weather and small storage space in NYC apartment.

To be prepared for a moving day too, pack an essential box. If moving during winter, make sure to pack jackets, boots, and other winter clothing. Winters in NYC are very cold, so you should expect snow, ice, and temperatures below zero. Living in NYC change you, and one of the first change will be your clothing and personal style.

The second reason why you should pay more attention to packing is that most NYC apartments are small. So, don’t waste your time by packing all your items ad furniture, unless you will rent a storage unit in NYC. The moving process starts with packing, start it right and prepared for every possible situation.

Las Vegas sign.

It is time for leaving Las Vegas for NYC and starting a new life somewhere else, so pack your bags and go!

Hiring a moving company for leaving Las Vegas for NYC

By hiring a moving company, you won’t worry about transportation. Distance between Las Vegas and New York City is about 2,530 miles, which is a lot, so moving your items by yourself is very dangerous, especially if you have no experience with driving a moving vehicle for so long. Research long-distance moving companies and visit Make sure that the company you will hire is reliable, reputable, affordable, and experienced.

Things to expect after moving to NYC

After you organized your NYC move, you should know what to expect when leaving Las Vegas to NYC. This city is one of the most interesting and famous cities in the world, take the opportunity. Yes, Las Vegas is queen for having fun in casinos, but NYC is a place where you can get anything you want.

Time to say goodbye sign on a building.

When moving and changing the environment, you will need to say goodbye to some of your habits

Apartments are expensive and small

Las Vegas is not cheap, but NYC is one of the most expensive cities, definitely a lot more expensive than LV. To buy an apartment in NYC, you should spend a fortune (almost a million). The average home price is $550,000 and the most expensive part of NYC is Manhattan. The average rent is $1,350 and if you are moving by yourself, you will probably need a roommate. And when you find a home, you won’t have too much storage space in your apartment.

Living on a budget is hard

Housing is not the only expensive thing in NYC – everything is more expensive compared to LV. Taxes are higher, which means, anything else is too. Groceries, clothing, gas, etc. But, on the other hand, the average salary in NYC is higher than it is in LV.

Learn how to manage your monthly budget and save some money before moving. It will be one of your biggest problems when adjusting – after a while, you will get used to it. Find ways to cut moving costs and also to save money after moving. Learn to cook, find cheaper grocery stores, use a subway instead of a taxi, etc.

Subway will be your best friend

Most people in NYC don’t own a car, which is very different from driving in LV. Traffic is crazy and you will have problems with parking, so we highly recommend you not to drive a car in New York City. Luckily, the subway is organized very well. You can use a taxi, but if you are using it every day, it won’t be good for your budget. After moving, you will quickly learn how to use a subway – for most people in NYC  it is the main way of transport in the city.

You will walk more

One good side of living in NYC is – you will not need to go to the gym. Why? Because you will walk a lot. Trust us. You will not use “miles” to calculate the distance, locals use “blocks”. A body burns a lot of calories by walking, it could be the main exercise for you. Every day from work and back. At least, you won’t feel guilty about eating NYC style pizza.

Be prepared for the weather

Another big change for you will be the weather. The weather in Las Vegas is how and sunny every day. Say goodbye to living in a desert. When you move to other states from LV, adjusting to a different climate will be tricky. In New York, you will experience all 4 seasons. Snow, rain, sun, wind, storm. Expect cold winters, so make sure to have proper clothing and boots.

Explore NYC after moving there

Make a list of all the things that you want to see after leaving Las Vegas for NYC. There are many places to visit after moving to New York City, and it is the city that never sleeps, literally. It is never boring here, something is always happening. Restaurants opening, events, parties, festivals, etc. Use the opportunity while you are in NYC to try new things.

Yellow cabs on the streets of NYC to illustrate leaving Las Vegas for NYC

NYC is a big city, it will take time until you visit everything you want. But, make a list, enjoy, and meet new people


Living in New York has good and bad sides, of course. Living there is totally different from living in Las Vegas. But it does not mean it’s going to be bad. You will live in one of the most famous cities in the world where something is always happening. Leaving Las Vegas for NYC may not be the easiest decision to make, but it could be the right one.