Being an artist is interesting and creative. It requires talent and a lot of work. But also, it is important to live in a city where you can show your art pieces. New York City is one of those cities. If you are moving soon, you probably know that packing is one of the main things to do when moving, and it takes most of the time when moving. No matter if you are relocating locally, or long distance. What to do if you are moving on short notice? Having packing tips for artists in NYC can help you a lot with organization. Also, packing artwork is a very delicate job and it requires more work, special packing materials, and attention.

Street art in NYC.
New York City is one of the capitals of art in the world, not only in the USA!

Last-minute packing tips for artists in NYC – pack with ease

Moving is a long process with many different tasks you need to take care of. From packing to finding a new apartment in NYC for rent and unpacking. Because you don’t have a lot of time to waste, start with the moving organization as soon as possible.

  • Gather enough packing supplies such as moving boxes, air bubble foil, packing peanuts, and duct tape. Moving boxes for fragile items should be new and firm, and always have different size boxes.
  • Loose artwork should be packed in cardboard tubes and sculptures in crates. If you need to move framed art, protect them by creating an ‘X’ on the glass and wrap the framed painting in stretch wrap.
  • Hazardous things pack separately and keep in mind that not all moving companies will move flammable items.
  • Seal all the boxes properly and label them. Movers will know to take extra care with those boxes and it will be easier for you to unpack.
  • Check if your artwork can move in the box. If it can, it is not a good sign, so do it again.
  • The rest of your items (household items) pack fast and don’t waste time on purging and categorizing. You can do it later, after moving.
  • Ask friends or family to help you pack faster if they have time. If your art is large and heavy, you won’t be able to do it by yourself anyway.

Hiring fine-art movers

After packing, it is time to think about transporting all your household items and your fine art, which is a more delicate job. It is safer to hire a reliable and experienced art mover from New York City and leave your pieces in good hands, this way all your stuff will arrive without damage.

Art studio.
Hire a mover to help you move your art studio!

They can also give you packing tips for artists in NYC and all the right materials for packing. For packing faster, there is an option to hire professional packers as well. They can pack and move, so you can save your sanity.