Moving can be frustrating, especially if you have to pack your kitchen all by yourself. If this is your story, use our kitchen packing tips and pack everything in your kitchen in one day.

Tip no 1 – Get quality packing boxes

The kitchen is a part of your home that contains most breakable items. To keep your fragile items safe, professional movers and packing experts suggest to use new sturdy moving boxes and packing supplies for your upcoming move. New moving boxes are the best option when packing delicate items like dishes, glasses and expensive china sets. To pack all of these items that can easily damage in transport you should also have bubble wrapping paper and regular wrapping paper. On the other hand, not all of your packing materials have to be expensive. The most important thing is to use sturdy moving boxes that can hold the weight of your kitchen items.


Make sure to find good quality moving boxes to secure your kitchenware.

You can use the items you already have in your home to secure your breakables when packing. Plastic bins are also a good solution for your breakables. Also, you can use the items you already have in your home to pack breakable items:

  • Kitchen towels
  • Napkins
  • Towels
  • Old t-shirts
  • Other soft clothes from your kitchen

Tip no 2 – Declutter everything

It is no secret that you will want to save as much money on your relocation as possible. One of the best kitchen packing tips is decluttering. Getting rid of those kitchen appliances you always want to use but never do will save you space and money. Old mugs, kitchen towels, and cleaning products shouldn’t add weight to your moving cargo. That is why you should go through everything in your kitchen and pack only the essential kitchen items.

Tip no 3 – Use food before the moving day

Use our kitchen packing tips when preparing your kitchen appliances for the move. Make sure to stop shopping for food a few days before the moving day. This way you won’t have to throw away the food you cannot transport or pack. When your fridge and freezer are empty, make sure to let them defrost overnight. If you prepare your fridge for the moving day, quality movers will be able to pack and secure it without any delays. On websites like, you can find reliable movers that can help you when packing and moving your kitchen.

kitchen before packing

Before the moving day comes, make sure to use all the perishable foods in your kitchen.

Other kitchen packing tips

  • Use bubble wrapping material to secure padding when packing fragile items
  • Make sure to secure the bottom of the moving box that contains heavy items
  • Invest in plate protectors if your dishes are valuable
  • Wrap the entire utensils tray with plastic wrap
  • Pack knives in potholders to avoid accidental cuts
  • Use boxes with bottle dividers for packing glassware
  • Pack the box with essential kitchen items that you will need before you unpack – coffee, toilet paper, paper towels, some plasticware or the basic silverware
  • Use smallest boxes to pack cookbooks and avoid adding too much weight