As if the stress of moving your home is not enough there is additional anxiety about your children during the move. First, the moving process can be very stressful for your children. Secondly, the move itself can be dangerous. In all of the rush and confusion with the moving crew, packing and loading of boxes and furniture there is a chance that someone can get hurt. Small children and toddlers are at risk here. So, keeping them safe and out of the way becomes your essential task for the moving day. This will make the whole process smoother, safer, and less stressful. So, you must prepare your children and find a way of keeping your toddlers entertained during moving day. In this way, you will help the whole moving day be easier and simpler.

Moving day

Your moving day will be stressful and hectic and with kids, it may seem to be a nightmare. However, you can make this day less worrying if you prepare well for tackling your children. All of the moving haste and new surroundings can be very confusing for a child.

So you have to make sure you address its need in the right way. So, the basic advice is to get help from your family to take care of the kids. If it is possible you can also hire a babysitter for the day. Whichever way you go to will be a step in the right direction.

Children drawing on a carboard box
Involve your children in the process to keep them busy

You will definitely have someone that has the task of keeping your toddlers entertained during moving day. So, just as you hire professional help to tackle your move you also must find additional help with your toddler while moving. Only then you will be able to concentrate on your moving day and dealing with it successfully.

How to keep todlers entertained

Well, you will be limited with time but there are always some good ideas that you can exploit during moving day. The basic advice is to pack your children last. Make sure that their room and space aren’t disturbed as long as you can. In this way, you can live your toddler to play without stress and in a safe and familiar environment. Also, the child will have all its favorite toys to keep it entertained. Do not make the mistake of packing your children’s toys ahead of time.

Essentials bag

Make sure you pack your essentials bag with kids in mind. It must contain favorite snacks, water, and sodas. Also, pack their favorite toys. Having favorite toys close at hand can sometimes be key to keeping your toddlers entertained during moving day. At any sign of anxiety, you can calm your id with a toy and some attention. Also, make sure you have:

  • Crayons and coloring books to keep them busy during your travel
  • Bring cards and dolls to paly with and make up a quick game to keep them occupied
  • Books you can read
  • Make up a quick game to play or make a staring contest.
  • Take breaks during the move


Make your moving plan and checklist in such a way that it entails a lot of breaks during the move. This will give you time to pay some much-needed attention to your children to make them feel better during the move.

Children drawing
Keep their crayons at hand to keep them entertained by doing things they love

Play a game or take out a ball to play with and keep them entertained. Try to make your move a big adventure that they can take part in.

Moving with a toddler is never easy

However, there are many ways of keeping your toddlers entertained during moving day. You can always find some basic advice on the subject, but keep in mind that your moving plan, organization, and creativity will be key to making the move simpler and more relaxed.