There is nothing more stressful than a poorly organized moving day that can easily become complete chaos. Not being able to deal with simple tasks on moving day, just because you were planning everything in a rush, can be quite a frustrating experience. In order to avoid this kind of situation, it’s best to take some time and gather every piece of information about how to stay organized on moving day.

How to stay organized on moving day

The best way to start organizing your moving day is to take enough time to plan it thoroughly. In order to survive the entire process, you need to stay calm for as long as it is necessary. Think about every detail, no matter how small it is, and don’t let your budget out of your sight. Here is a couple of steps, or notes if you like, which can give you a better perspective about what needs to be done:

  1. Plan everything ahead
  2. Get enough supplies for packing
  3. Don’t hesitate to ask for help
  4. Make lists, make a list of lists
  5. Sort out your items and declutter everything
  6. Label your boxes for a better organization
  7. Group similar items together
  8. Consider room by room sorting method
  9. Pack in reverse
  10. Essential box

Plan everything ahead

Planning ahead is an essential thing before any moving. Start planning your move several months ahead. As a matter of fact, it is better to have extra time left than lacking it when it matters. If you judge you can’t do it yourself, there is nothing wrong with looking for various moving assistance options to choose from. Scheduling professional services is one more thing you need to plan in order to avoid busy moving season.

a calendar for scheduling

When planning ahead, a calendar is your best friend.

Get enough supplies for packing

Gather enough packing supplies because you will need them a lot. Items like moving boxes, duct tapes, labeling markers, garbage bags, dollies, and sliders, are just a part of supplies you will need. Estimate how many of each you will need for successful packing. If possible, you can try to get some of the boxes from local stores and supermarkets. Consider that some of your items should be temporarily stored away, just until you settle down. Again, for a situation like that, search the internet for companies like Tik Tok Moving and Storage Queens, because they are a good example of what you might need.

Don’t hesitate to ask for help

If you are planning a small-scale moving without the help of professionals, then it’s time to call for another type of help. With this intention, call some members of your family physically suited to give you help. Ask some of your friends as well. But, don’t forget to prepare everything you need before they arrive, so you won’t waste anyone’s time. Another key point, take all precautions to prevent any kind of injuries. Because staying safe is the top priority.

Make lists, make a list of lists – an easy way to┬ástay organized on moving day

Don’t overestimate yourself thinking you will remember everything, for most certainly you won’t. Make a bunch of lists and checklists. Even make a list of all lists you will have to make if it’s needed. There is nothing better when organizing any kind of work than making a helpful list. Did I say “list” enough times? Yes, it is that important. The good thing is that the internet can provide you with many predefined printable examples you can use. So, go for it.

a checklist for a better organization

Did I say “list” enough times? Yes, it is that important.

Sort out your items and declutter everything

Go throughout all your possessions and try to sort out everything. Get rid of all the items you don’t need. In general, you can organize a garage sale if you have enough time. Or, you can donate the most of your unnecessary things to a charity. The choice is yours. Use your moving as an excuse to start fresh in your new home.

sorting out of the photography equipment

Sorting out the items is important everywhere.

Label your boxes for a better organization

Not labeling your boxes can cause a real hell once you arrive at the destination. Wasting time and energy on figuring out what is what can lead to a lot of frustration. So, grab your marker and start labeling each and every box while packing. If you want to be well organized that is a way to go. The good thing about labeling is that you can write everything on boxes, even the smallest detail. Much better than going through your possessions and searching for something on random. Another thing to consider is sticky notes. However, be sure they are sticky enough so you don’t lose them when loading.

Group similar items together and stay organized on moving day

One of the methods people often use is grouping similar items together. It may be a convenient method when you are dealing with a lot of books, plates, or similar electrical devices. There is not much logic in placing plates and your home theater in the same package. Imagine you are looking for a particular cable only to find it in a box with toiletries. There is not any sense in that, right?

Consider room by room sorting method

Another good method is to pack all the item from the same room together. Under those circumstances, you will avoid the confusion which is often caused by mixing the box content in a meaningless way. That way, you will have already established order when unloading boxes. You will know exactly what box belongs to which room.

Pack in reverse

An important principle you will need to follow is that “the last thing you load is the first that will be unloaded”. Or, as the professionals will call it: “the last in – the first out“. For this reason, you will be sure you have all the necessary thing on the first day of your arrival.

Essential box

Also, besides the “last in – the first out”, you will need a box filled with the essentials. Those are just the basic things like toiletries, some clothing, medical supplies, valuables, and documents that you will need for the first day or two. Also, bring along some food in a portable refrigerator so you don’t have to go to a food hunt on your first day.