If you have plans to relocate a piano in NYC, well, you have to do your best to accurately equip yourself for this transition. Special items relocations in a place like the Big Apple require many things. So, to keep your precious piano safe, you need to get ready for doing lots of homework and collecting plenty of tips and tricks that make this transition easier. To learn more information about this subject, make sure to stick around to the bottom of this article!

Moving a bulky instrument such as a piano is pretty difficult to perform. This task is hard for accomplishing, and you have to do your best to organize the entire process! So, for that reason, it would be wise to hire professionals to take care of this mission. However, everything when it comes to preparations, you can do on your own, but when it comes to the moving part, perhaps you should let experts do it for you. Considering you are transferring your piano somewhere within New York City, you also have to prepare for some other challenges. Those obstacles might be the stairs, elevator, tight spaces, traffic on the streets, and many other things. Anyway, just do your homework, learn how to plan and organize your NYC move, and you will know exactly what to expect from this project!

Man is learning how to relocate a piano in NYC.
Do your best when it comes to preparing your piano for the big move!

So, how to relocate a piano in NYC?

Once you determine what this project requires, you will be able to come up with a plan for moving your piano! Just go step by step, so you won’t miss anything. Have in mind that this transfer is a complicated process, and it will take a while to organize it properly. Anyway, here are some things your plan should include:

  • Learn how to prepare your piano for transport.
  • Collect the right packing materials, wrapping supplies, and discover some lifting technics.
  • And, finally, make sure that the new location is also ready for placing your piano.

However, if you are not sure you can manage these arrangements, you should consider having someone reliable like Capital City Movers NYC by your side. These moving experts will help you organize everything you need, so you won’t have anything to worry about. They can be at your disposal at any time, and they will offer you their outstanding piano relocating services for an affordable price!

How to prepare your piano for the big move?

  • Take care of the disassembling. Put away carefully every removable part you can from a piano. 
  • Gather lots of packing materials and other supplies to keep all pieces of instrument safe.
  • Make sure to protect the piano keys and piano pedals.
  • Also, get some moving blankets and lots of tapes.
  • Apart from that, you should learn some lifting technics. In case you are not using the help of movers, these tips will be handy when it comes to carrying the piano. Along with that, you must also pay attention when loading and unloading the instrument as well. 
  • Just in case you need repairments on your piano, you should also find professionals who will be ready to take care of this assignment.
  • In the end, to prepare well for this project, it would be wise to get some tips on how to pack and move heavy furniture as well. This will be pretty helpful, so consider having these hacks at your disposal!
NYC street.
Also, learn when is the best time of the day to relocate a piano in NYC!

When getting ready for moving a piano

If you want everything to go smoothly while relocating an instrument in NYC, you should think about hiring movers to do the job for you. You see, these people will help you transfer your piano in no time. All you have to do is to find reliable people to assist you, and you won’t anything to be concerned about. Apart from performing the relocating process, those piano movers in NYC can also help you with packing and preparing the piano for transport. So, whatever you want, just tell these experts your demands. However, you should know that when it comes to providing piano moving services, specialists will offer you a wide range of assistance at your disposal. Make sure to remember that when the big day comes!

Things you should pay attention to when you are about to relocate a piano in NYC

  • Since your next destination is somewhere in New York City, it would be wise to learn how to pick the right time for moving your piano here. This is important to know, considering NYC is quite a crowded place. So, avoid moving your piano during the peak season, when the tourists attractions are happening, during the rush hours, etc. As for the neighborhoods, you should avoid getting through DUMBO, Chelsea, Hell’s Kitchen, and some others parts of the city.
  • Another important thing you should have in mind is the budget. These relocations are treated like specialized moves. This means that the services will be charged differently than the regular moving assistance. 
  • Apart from those things, you should also be aware of some legal parts of this mission. No matter who you are working with, it is recommendable to learn how to file a moving damage claim. Also, make sure to ask for insurance just in case. If a certain company won’t offer you this, you should continue looking for movers who will provide you with this.
House interior, piano.
And, finally, prepare your new home for placing a piano!


In the end, just make sure to handle the preparations properly. You see, everything else in this mission will depend on that. So, take your time to deal with this accurately. The movers will do their part correctly, so you won’t have anything to worry about. In other words, do your best to learn how this transfer works and how to find the right moving professionals for the job, and you will be able to relocate a piano in NYC in no time!