Is your new Long Island home waiting for you to start your new life there? Surely that must feel great. Before you move in you have a lot to do. There is a whole relocation process waiting for you and once everything is done the real job starts. We are talking about unpacking and settling in. As you can see, you have a rough period in front of you. That’s why its the best to prepare your new Long Island home before moving in, in order to make some things a bit easier on you.

Before packing up and moving, take a walkthrough of your new Long Island home

Before you move in, it’s a good idea to take a stroll around your new home while it’s still vacant. Owning an apartment or a house is amazing but you need to know all the details. If you’ve seen the property before and it was staged, now is your chance to imagine how your own furniture might look in the space. In order to more precisely arrange where things like furniture will go, you should bring tape to measure everything. This will make emptying the moving vehicle much easier.

A virtual tour can be arranged with your realtor if you’re relocating from somewhere far away and simply can’t make it for a physical walkthrough. It’s possible to take a virtual tour of a home and get precise measurements without ever leaving your couch. 3-D scans are amazing nowadays and many businesses are offering them for this purpose.

A woman packing for a move.
Now you can start packing.

Prepare for unpacking and settling in

Dont make the mistake of thinking that unpacking is easy. You will already be tired from all the packing and moving. Luckily you can always call Leavy Moving and Storage to help you out and unpack you in no time. Unpacking is important because you can’t really start your new life until it’s done.

Two men helping you with moving to your new Long Island home.
Movers will make everything easier and they can do a lot nowadays, even unpack you.

This one is crucial!

It’s really important to set up your utilities such as electricity, heat, gas, and water before your moving date so that you don’t have to ruin your first night in your new Island home by spending it in the dark. Wi-Fi, a phone line, and cable access are all factors to consider.

Depending on the company and the distance between your old and new addresses, you may be able to transfer your service. In other cases, you may need to terminate your old subscription and start fresh with a new provider. Since these installations often necessitate appointments, it’s important to schedule ahead of time so that you’ll be in your new home to help if and when the time comes. That’s it, those are the most important things you need to do before moving into your Long Island home. Good luck!