There is a difference between just living in one place and calling it home. That’s why many of us surround ourselves with objects that give us more comfort and pleasure. From simple decorations like figurines to valuable pieces of artwork, we tend to enjoy the mere presence and often time stop to admire its craft. But however remarkable be the admiration, at least once in a lifetime we might have to move to another place. The complexity of structures and amounts of detail of each artwork now reflects upon our thoughts as we try to carefully plan and organize the relocation of such delicate artworks. In order to prepare your art collection for a move, occasionally you need to make some serious decisions.

Prepare your art collection for a move

For many people, especially for art lovers, their art collection bears more value than most of the other household possessions. Normally, the concerns are rising proportionally with the value of each piece. So, finding the safest way to pack and transport them to another location becomes a priority. The nearest approach to the solution is to hire the help of a professional moving company. Unless you are an expert in the field, companies like are your best choice for safe and insured transportation without stress. Nevertheless, there is a couple of things about how to prepare your art collection for a move every art admirer should know, just in case.

Many valuable paintings in a gallery.

Wonderful pieces of art require exceptional care.

Consider hiring a professional moving company

Depending on the size, materials, measurements, and value of the artwork, there are different ways to pack them. Once you start to get a headache from thinking about the solutions, it’s a clear sign you need help from experts. Many moving companies have professional art handlers who know exactly how to handle each piece of art. From the packing materials to safe ways to store them, to the climate conditions some artwork requires. It may seem that it’s more expensive than to do it yourself, but in truth, it isn’t. Costs of repairs of such delicate items often exceed the original cost of transportation. Not to mention that some masterworks are either “priceless” or can’t be “repaired”.

A glass figurine of an eagle.

You need a delicate touch to properly pack glass figurines.

Supplies you might want to consider

Besides truly valuable artwork, you can pack other decorations and pieces of the craft by yourself. For that, you will need to find proper supplies:

  • Sturdy moving boxes or crates
  • A special type of cushioning materials
  • Wrapping supplies
  • Fillers of fine quality, not the ordinary “corn-based” products
  • Tape that doesn’t leave trails and damage surfaces
  • Packing tapes for boxes
  • Blankets and sheets
  • Sticky notes and markers

Preparing your framed artworks

Your framed artwork has the best protection in sturdy and unbending packages. In general, crates would be the best solution after you properly pack and secure everything inside them. If there is a glass on your painting, you should prevent it from breaking with tape and flat cardboard. Fill the inside with fillers so there is no shifting when moving. If it doesn’t have a glass, however, the hard flat board should prevent anything from touching the paint. Tighten the corners of the frame with corner protectors and carefully wrap everything. Also, don’t forget to label the box with the “fragile” sign.

Again, for very delicate artwork and fragile figurines, consider hiring professional packers. Even if something doesn’t have a great monetary value, the sentimental value can be priceless. Prepare your art collection for a move by following these few simple guidelines which can at least help you learn where to start.