If you have a pleasure to live in NYC, you’re living the dream of people from all over the world. And if you’re just moving to NYC, congratulations! But, you might want to be over with your move, before you start celebrating. And moving can be a very complex and detailed process, that requires a lot of planning. But, no worries. Here, you’ll find everything you need to know to plan and organize your NYC move. You’ll find it to be much easier than you’ve expected.

How to plan and organize your NYC move

Living in NY is something special – there’s nothing like it. It’s not, after all, called the city that never sleeps for nothing. However, moving to or from NYC has a lot of similarities to moving anywhere actually. It all depends on a good plan and organization. So where and when do you start? The answer is at the beginning, the sooner – the better.

New York.

Moving to or from NYC is similar to moving anywhere else

Planning ahead

Let’s say you’re moving to Nomad, north of Madison Square Park. It is a wonderful neighborhood and you’ll enjoy living there. But, you want your moving experience to be sweet too. So, why not make your Nomad relocation enjoyable, if that’s an option? And in order to do that, you need to plan and organize your NYC move as early as possible. This will give you enough time to do what needs to be done, without any stress and tension. Make a timeline and schedule at least 6-7 weeks in advance.

Sort through your belongings

You should know what kinds of belongings you have so that you can properly prepare for your move. See if you need your instrument relocated, perhaps. Also, fragile items require special attention. And other than paying special attention to moving some of your items, you should reduce the amount of the items you’re moving in the first place. This is the best time to see what items you no longer need. This way, you’ll pay less for moving services and for storage services. Also, you’ll have more space for new experiences. So, if you haven’t used the item in a year, you can choose to:

  • donate it – someone might still use it
  • sell it – organize a garage sale before the move and make some money
  • recycle it
  • throw it away
Clothes on a rack.

It’s best to say goodbye to some of your belongings

When going through the items that you need, separate the valuable items, as you should carry them with you. Also, fragile items should be separated as well. And the rest of the items can be divided into categories, as it’s smart to pack them by the room they belong in.


Write down a list of the items in each box and label the boxes with numbers, or rooms. That way, you’ll always know what’s in each box. But, in order to avoid needing an item from the box, always have an essential¬†moving box or a bag. That’s how you’ll always have the necessities with you. If you use the system of packing by rooms, unpacking will be extra easy. Also, be extra careful when packing fragile items. Always use a lot of wrapping materials and you can even pack them in double boxes.

Planning the budget

It’s very important to create your budget before the move, with the initial moving plan. This way, you’ll be able to save money and also not spend more than you want on your move. When creating the budget, pay attention to the following

  • moving supplies – boxes, duct tape, wrapping material, markers, labels – it’s not too expensive, but it’s important
  • costs of renting a truck – this might be the biggest part of your budget
  • insurance – why risk it, when you can be safe
  • unforeseen expenses – even if you do your best, something might still go wrong, so it’s got to have some money on the side for this reason
A 10 euro bill folded over a small wooden house.

It’ very important to plan a moving budget

DIY move or hiring a moving company

If you want to plan and organize your move to NYC, there are two ways to do it. First, you can opt for a DIY move. It takes more organization, more budget planning, more proactiveness from your side. The other way is by hiring a reliable moving company. This way, you can avoid most of the expenses from your budget plan above. But, if you want to¬†hire professionals when moving out of NY, you need to create your budget with that in mind. Moving company services can have an impact on the budget, so it’s good to know whether you’re going to be using them or not, as soon as possible.

Choosing a moving company

It’s extremely important to hire reliable professionals that will assist you with your move. And it’s reasonable to choose want to save money when choosing the company but there are other tips you should follow, too. First, ask some of your acquaintances if they went through this experience. Also, check out the reviews from previous clients. Then, check if the company has the necessary licenses. And when you bring it down to a couple of companies, get a binding moving estimate. Also, don’t forget the see the kind of insurance you’ll get. Finally, be very careful when signing the contract and pay close attention to the fine print.

After the NYC move

It’s not easy to plan and organize your NYC move. But, with this article, you’ll realize that a stress-free move is actually possible. So, when you’re done moving, you can begin to enjoy your new life. New surroundings, new people, new experiences… That’s how people grow. But, keep in mind that our experience is what we make out of it. So why not make this your new beginning. The beginning you will use to change all that you didn’t like. And also, to pursue all that you want to be a part of your new life. And if you really do it, this new beginning is going to be really glorious.