No matter what happened and you now have little time to pack your Florida household and relocate to NYC, there is a way to resolve this task with as little stress as that is possible. As professional New York City movers, we have had plenty of experience in short-notice relocations. This is why we believe we are the right people to talk about this subject. Here is where you can read all you need to do in order to pack up your home for relocation as fast as possible without a lot of mess and stress.

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Find some assistance

If you are able to find someone to help you like a friend or a family member that would be great because packing alone is a seriously time-consuming task. Packing doesn’t only require throwing things into boxes. You have to think while packing. This is why this task can last so much time. Plus, not only do you have to plan the way you pack boxes but you also have some cleaning to do. Some of your things might be dusty or dirty if they haven’t been used in a long time. You cannot pack these things as they are. You have to take out the time to clean them so you do not damage other things you are packing for relocation.

If you have too much stuff to pack, that’s very tale-telling that, actually you might need to consider renting storage. Storage facilities in New York are not the most affordable ones, true. But, pro movers and storage professionals are quite competitive with one another. So, you’ll be sure to have the very best treatment and facility if you decide to use their services.

If none of your friends or family members are able to assist, do not worry. You can always ask professionals to help you. Professional moving companies sometimes also offer packing services that you can hire. You can work with professionals to pack up your home faster and better. But this service can cost a lot and not many people are able to cover this expense when moving on short notice. If that is also the case with you, do not worry, we will tell you just how to resolve this task by yourself.

Two friends at home.
Find someone who can help you pack your Florida household and relocate to NYC.

Use the best packing technique

If you want to pack your Florida household as soon as possible and relocate to New York City, you have to have a packing technique. And the best packing technique is to pack just one room at a time. If you go from one room to another just packing random things, you will lose a lot of time. Not just will you have less time to finish but your home will also be a mess and your packing process will not be organized which is just going to make unpacking after relocation harder.

Our practice has shown us that the best way to pack up a home as fast as possible is to pack one room at a time. If you have a friend or a family member helping you, it is good to use this technique as well and not split the rooms between people. And there is a reason why and it is because you need to also declutter while you are packing.

Pack your Florida household and relocate to NYC
There is a correct way to pack and you should do it as so.

Declutter before you pack your Florida household and relocate to NYC

As you are moving to New York City, you are probably moving into a much smaller home than the one you live in Florida because homes in New York City are generally smaller. That is just one of the cons of renting in NYC. And as that is the case, it means that after moving if you do not take out the time to declutter while packing, you will lack storage space in your new home. This is only going to make your home messy and crowded with unnecessary things.

This is why even when you have to pack your Florida household in a hurry you should stop for a second and evaluate whether you really need something or not. The best way to do so is to ask yourself:

  • when was the last time you used this particular item?
  • how often do you use it?
  • will you need it at some point in the near future?
  • is it worth a lot of money or is easily replaceable?
  • does it have sentimental value?

These questions can help you evaluate whether this thing is something to bring along with you to New York City or just leave it behind. If you decide to leave plenty of things behind that you do not want to sell or throw away, you can rent out a storage unit and keep your things there. If you need to find a storage unit in Florida, is a place where you can find a moving company that rents out storage units.

Bookshelf with lots of books.
Get rid of the things that you do not really need. We all tend to keep unnecessary items.

Have the right supplies for packing

You cannot begin to pack without getting packing supplies first. You certainly have some boxes and bags at home already that you can use for packing certain items. But you cannot fit your entire household into these things.

You will certainly need to buy some packing supplies. You will need cardboard boxes, plastic bags, packing tape, labels, and packing peanuts. Make sure to get sturdy boxes that have holes for handles. These are the best for packing your home for moving as they are sturdy and can hold a lot of things.

You can get these supplies from a local store, order them online, or buy them from a moving company you are hiring to move your household from Florida to New York City. Make sure to take all the steps when you decide to pack your Florida household and relocate to NYC.