When you take care of something or someone you don’t leave it behind. Moving is not about packing your bags, furniture, wardrobe, and leaving. Usually, we tend to move with everything that means to us. We invest our time and money in many different things and those things make us happy in most cases. When you are a plant lover you will not leave your pots, for sure. When moving, besides all your stuff, you will have to know how to pack flower pots for moving.

Find the perfect solution for your plants

The biggest decision you need to make, when it comes to your indoor plants, is the specific way how to pack flower pots for moving. You have two options. You can pack your pots with a plant in them or you can safely remove the plants and pack the pots separately. The first choice is complicated because you need to take care of many factors. You need to be careful with the plant, cautious not to spill the soil, and place the plant very nicely in the moving vehicle. Plus, you need to secure it too! That’s why we recommend the second option.

Prepare the soil

Pack them separately

When you need to pack flower pots for moving be sure to do it properly. Before you load your plant into the moving truck, all you need to do is:

  • Safely remove plants from the pots
  • Clean it
  • Pack the pots and the plants

Be careful and gentile

Your plants can be shocked when you move them and especially when you change their soil. Removing the plant from the flower pot requires all your patience and care. When you are doing it, dig widely around the pot and try not to damage the root system. After this, carefully lift the whole plant. Be sure to do it in the right way. The other way is to take a base of the plant at the top, then turn slowly the pot upside down until the soil gets loose. The plant will be free when the soil falls out.

Correctness control

Packing requires investing some effort. Purchase packing materials, you will need a lot of wrapping paper. After you remove the plants, be sure to check and clean each pot before you pack it. Pots made out of ceramic or terracotta are more fragile, so if they are broken leave them. If the condition is good wrap it carefully. Put some paper on the bottom of the box, it will significantly cushion kicks. Put some paper between the pots when you place them in the box, it can save them and prevent overturning and breaking. This is the easiest way to pack flower pots for moving.

Hand hoalding a plant
Tace care of them

Prepare them for the road

When it comes to plants, you will need bags, boxes, soil, labels, and a bit of patience. Use the packing tips and tricks even for this. The removed plant will need a new place during transport. Fill the bag with a mixture of old and fresh soil and place the plant in it. Label every plant and place it safely in the box. Find a good place for them in the moving truck and make sure they are in the place from which they will not fall or roll over.

It is always nice to bring some of the olds to place spirits into the new one. With your plants, you will bring a lot of memories and you will bring some new life to your new apartment. That is what you need to pack flower pots for moving as best as you can. Nothing important is left behind.