The moving and packing process includes a lot of steps. Packing all the smaller items is a piece of cake – especially when reading the proper packing tips. However, bulky and heavy furniture often gives us headaches – as well as backaches. People don’t know how to pack and move heavy furniture, without damaging it, getting hurt, etc. To minimize the risks, here are some useful tips on dealing with the ‘giants‘ in your home when relocating.

Make a plan

Handling such heavy pieces requires a ‘heavy‘ plan. This means you need to make an inventory list of the items you need to pack and move. This way, you’ll see how many packing supplies you’ll need, what are your options with transporting them, and most importantly – stay organized on moving day. Also, take a look at what needs to be done – make sure you tackle the biggest/heaviest items first.

a couple holding a picture frame with a drawing of a house.

Even though it seems like an unnecessary step, making the right moving plan is the job half done.


If possible, be sure to disassemble all the furniture pieces you can. This will make everything a lot easier. However, one important thing you need to do is to carefully label the parts, and collect all the small pieces like screws in separate bags. Losing some of these will create additional problems when trying to assemble the furniture at your new home.

Remove all the unnecessary items from inside the furniture

If you’re moving big cabinets, sofas with inside storage, a fridge, etc, be sure to make them as light as possible. Remove all the items you store inside these furniture pieces and pack them separately. This will make these bulky items easier and much safer to carry.

Get all the supplies and tools you’ll need to¬†pack and move heavy furniture

Even the best plan won’t work out if you don’t have the right tools. Collect all the packing supplies and tools on time, so once you start packing, the process goes much easier, faster, and safer. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • padded wrapping paper/packing paper
  • boxes
  • heavy-duty tape and scissors (it’s much easier to use a tape gun)
  • markers for labeling
  • blankets for covering the furniture to avoid scratches
  • furniture sliders – one of the most useful items when you need to pack and move heavy furniture. Sliders will help you to easily glide heavy pieces across the floor, minimizing the risk of damage to the surfaces like wood and tiles.
  • straps – moving straps or furniture straps are very important since they help you avoid getting hurt while carrying bulky things.
  • a dolly – when moving heavy furniture, it’s essential to have a dolly so you can take the pieces out to the moving truck, so you don’t need to carry them on your own.
supplies ready to pack and move heavy furniture

To pack and move heavy furniture, you need to gather all the supplies first!

Correct lifting technique is a must

The last thing you want when moving is to get hurt. That’s why following the right lifting techniques is very important when packing and moving heavy furniture. First of all, use all the helping tools like straps and sliders – no matter how confident you are about some pieces. Next, bend your knees instead of your waist – to protect your back. Be sure to use your hands and legs strength as much as possible, carrying items close to your body. And finally – get professional moving help to avoid getting hurt and damaging your items. Moving pros have experience and skill with moving pieces like yours and can do it safely and quickly.