Packing and moving a living room is a pretty demanding task. There are numerous tiny and fragile items that you need to take care of. Plus, some electronics require special attention. So, if you want to finish this task efficiently, follow this guide on how to pack and move your living room. 

But, before you start packing, make sure to keep it simple. Follow decluttering tips for New Yorkers, sort and select the items you will need at your new home. You don’t have to move every item you own. Instead, decide what will you relocate and what will you donate, sell or throw away.

Living room - Gather some tips that can help you pack and move a living room in no time.

Prepare yourself on time for relocation and learn how to pack and move a living room.

Prepare for moving the living room

To prepare your home for the moving day, calling a great moving company like isn’t your only task. One of the most important things to do before you pack and move the living room is to get your belongings ready. Here’s what you should do: 

  • Declutter – Go through corners and catch some lost, broken and unuseful items. 
  • Clean the living room – The dirt and dust shouldn’t be a part of the packing process. Plus, you don’ t want to spread it into your new home. So, the cleaner the living room is, the easier it will be to pack and move it. 
  • Sort out the inventory – Decide which items you’ll move for sure, and which ones you won’t be using anymore. Also, this is the time when you should know the measurements of your new living room. Thanks to that you will be able to decide which furniture pieces you should pack and move.

Prepare packing supplies 

When you pack and move a living room, you need packing supplies. The living room has items that are different shapes and sizes, you should consider getting moving boxes that are also in different sizes. Besides the boxes, you will need: 

  • Wrapping paper – For packing small decorations, photo frames, and other fragile items. 
  • Packing tape – Use it to secure furniture pieces after disassembling or to tape the moving boxes after packing. 
  • Bubble paper and other items for padding – You’ll need these supplies to minimize the movement of fragile items during transportation. 
  • Learn how to find affordable and reliable movers who will help you in case you don’t have enough time to deal with gathering packing supplies.
Moving boxes.

Everything is ready for movers!

Pack and move a living room with the help of the reliable movers 

After you pack the living room and prepare for moving, go on the web and find the moving company for your relocation. But, keep in mind that you need experienced and reliable movers that can guarantee your inventory’s safety. Because with the right moving assistance, the whole process can go easy and without any stress. 


There is plenty of things to consider when you are about to pack and move a living room. This is important to know because your job is to be well organized so that you can prepare everything when the movers come. To make this process easier you need to collect as many tips and tricks as you can get. Thanks to that, your precious possessions will be properly packed, safe, secure and ready for transport.