If you wish to go for a getaway weekend near NYC you are lucky! That’s what we will be talking about today. Having a weekend getaway is so great for your mental health. If it’s a romantic one – it can be very good for your relationship. It’s smart to pamper yourself from time to time.

Romantic weekend getaway near NYC

NYC is an amazing city and there are so many romantic places in and out of this town you can choose from. If we set a radius to 5 hours drive maximum from NYC here is a list of our top romantic pics :

  • Mayflower Inn & Spa
  • Hudson Whaler Hotel
  • Harriman State Park is perfect for nature lovers
  • Catskills – the 60s retreat
  • Inn at GrayBarns

It’s smart to organize romantic getaways from time to time. If you live in NYC and you want to get out of town those places can be a nice choice. Even though it’s nice to include your partner in the decision it can be very romantic to choose by yourself and surprise your partner. If you are planing everything on your own make sure to do the packing for both of you too.

Weekend getaway near NYC with kids

Having kids doesn’t mean you can’t have cool trips, travel, and have romantic getaways. The trick is to find a perfect place that has amazing accommodation and entertainment for kids as well so all of you can enjoy it. For example, you and your spouse can have a couples massage while the kids are in the game room with supervision. You will all be very happy and relaxed afterward. Also, it’s always nice not to cook, clean, or pick up toys all day long. Rocking Horse Ranch Resort, Golden Arrow, Hope Lake Lodge, Ampersand Bay Resort, and Blue Lagoon Resort are some of the top pics near NYC so make sure to check them out!

Two young women wearing face masks
Parents need to relax too!

If it so happens

If it so happens that you fall in love in one of those places and neighborhoods and decide to relocate with your family you can always call Slattery Moving and Storage to help you out since you will be having your hands full with kids running around.

Best places for seniors

Seniors too like to have fun and shake things up. Weekend getaways are a perfect solution. But seniors don’t need wild fun, most of them don’t like gambling and such. They tend to like fun in a more quiet and peaceful way. Spa centers can be a great solution! Besides spas near NYC, there are also many senior centers in Rockland county that can be perfect for living and enjoying your retirement. This area is well covered and there are movers that can help you with relocation there.

Two seniors enjoying a walk
Yoga can be perfect for seniors.


Make sure to have fun and pamper yourself enough. Also to book everything in advance. That can be very important for your mental health. Do it as much as you can there is enough stress in everyday life as it is.