You can handle a move like a pro even if you have to organize a short-notice relocation. Ideally, you will know about your relocation months ahead but sometimes we only get a few weeks or even days. Worry not. Those things happen all the time and people still find a way to manage them. You wouldn’t believe just how many tips you can find out in quick research. This is a great place to see some tips to speed things up. We know a thing or two about moving in a hurry so keep reading and soon enough you will know it as well.

Focus now!

With so much to do, relocating may quickly become overwhelming. So, the first order of business is to get everything in order so you can proceed with a level mind. When moving, a list of things to do and a schedule of when to complete them are invaluable. Start by compiling a comprehensive list of the items that need to be completed before the actual relocation may take place. Making preparations for a move includes arranging for removalists, packing the house, obtaining a change of address form, gathering crucial papers, arranging for childcare, changing your children’s schools, etc.

Constructing a timeline is the next step when you want to organize a short-notice relocation like a pro. This is particularly crucial since the pressure to get thingsĀ done can make you rush. Make things easier on yourself by organizing your priorities into a workable plan so that you can give your whole attention to a single task at a time.

A woman packing with her kids while trying to organize a short-notice relocation like a pro.
Handling this is much harder with kids. Luckily there are ways to make it easier. Keep reading.

Get rid of the junk quickly

Decluttering the whole home can take days and chances are – you don’t have days to do so now. That doesn’t mean you have to bring everything to your new home. This is a great time to prioritize and most importantly, get rid of the junk. You only need a few hours to go through your home and get rid of everything that is broken and such. There is no reason to bring junk with you. In case you have a garage or an attic full of old stuff you don’t want, you can call removalists and they will get rid of everything for you quickly.

Now when the place feels less messy you can think about your next step

You need to figure out if you want to DIY this relocation or if you would like professionals to handle it for you. If you don’t have enough time to handle everything, we think that it would be wise to join forces with specialists. They have enough experience with last minute relocation and most importantly – they have the necessary equipment.

If you have kids

If you have kids to take care of as well as to organize a short-notice relocation like a pro, you will have to employ professionals to help you. You are but one person and it’s impossible to handle everything. It’s better to outsource some parts of your tasks and focus on your kids.

Which packing system is the best?

Room-by-room approach is often the best. That’s because it will make unpacking later on much easier. If you download some moving and packing apps you will find many great packing tips. You can also research all possible ways to pack your household items and see which one you like or you can trust us and try room-by-room one. It’s the quickest as well. No matter how you decide to pack your belongings you should label all your moving boxes. That will make such a huge difference and it won’t take a lot of your time.

A couple packing for relocation and labeling moving boxes.
You will handle this relocation like a pro as soon as you are done reading.

Gathering packing materials

Try not to do this as your first task. You can buy packing materials tomorrow once you are done with getting rid of the junk. You will be aware of how many items you have and you will know how much packing paper, bubble wrap, or moving boxes you will be needing. Instead of buying cardboard boxes, you can rent plastic bins. Also, it’s cheaper if you buy them all at once. Why not save a couple of bucks when you have the chance?

Another tip

With the proper tools and equipment, you can do any task with ease. Using free grocery store boxes and old newspapers may seem like a good idea at first, but you may wind up hating it when the boxes don’t hold your belongings together, the truck is too crowded, and the ink from the magazines or papers rubs off on them.  Get started off on the right foot by ensuring you have plenty of supplies. If you want to avoid wasting time making a couple of trips, it’s a good idea to have more on hand than you initially estimate. This is especially true when it comes to moving boxes.

You need to stay focused

There is so much to do and remember during a relocation. It’s easy to lose sight of the details and end up stressed out. Stick to your plan and timeframe (while leaving some wiggle room in case surprises arise), and keep in mind the good reasons you’re undertaking this endeavor. Find the silver lining in this relocation, even if it was precipitated by less-than-ideal circumstances, and hold on to that thought when times get tough. You have it in you to complete it.

A yellow warning  sign
Staying focused is the key.

One thing that can help you

It’s your phone! Download a couple of moving and packing apps. They can really help you right now and most of them are free to use. They are full of amazing moving tips, alarms, reminders and so much more. Some apps can even help you to find the right movers near you. That’s pretty convenient.

That’s all we had for you today. Don’t worry, you got this. The most important thing to remember now is that you don’t have to handle everything on your own. There are people who can help you to organize a short-notice relocation like a pro.