When you need to move your heavy pieces of furniture to your Manhattan apartment, you are involved in a serious and demanding project. The fact that Manhattan is expensive reflects mostly on higher living costs and the size of apartments. They are usually smaller so you will really need to put some real effort into fitting everything you have inside them. Handling large furniture will require some preparation and skills. And knowing how to react in a situation like this, means the difference between a successful moving and a complete disaster.

Moving your large furniture to a new Manhattan apartment

Like with every other move, good planning is how you wish to start. Consider that you’ll need significant time in order to set everything up before the moving day arrives. Having a lot of stuff is bothersome to pack, but having a lot of large stuff is even worse. That’s why probably the best way to deal with it is to hire a professional moving company in NYC, like divinemoving.com, that provides both moving and storage services. But before you make your final decision, there is a couple of important things to ask:

  • Will you able to properly pack and prepare your furniture?
  • Do you have enough skills to deal with disassembling the furniture?
  • Is there enough room in your new apartment?
  • How about the additional storage space you might need?
  • Do you have enough manpower to go through the moving by yourself?

If the answer to these questions is “no”, then you will definitely need the help of professional movers.

How to approach the problem?

There are a couple of steps you need to take when moving your heavy pieces of furniture to your new Manhattan apartment:

  • Take precise measurements before you start packing
  • Make sure you have the proper packing supplies
  • Know how to disassemble the furniture
  • Reducing the weight before you move heavy pieces of furniture to your new Manhattan apartment
  • Properly pack your large furniture
  • Avoid getting yourself and others hurt

Take precise measurements before you start packing

Before all, you need to carefully measure your large furniture. It’s important to realize that any miscalculation on this part can leave you with more trouble than you might expect. Not to mention it could cost you more if, standing in front of your apartment’s door, you find out you can’t fit your bed inside. So, besides the furniture, you have to measure the doorways, halls, staircases, and elevators as well. Let’s assume the measurements are good in your current place since the furniture is already there. But, don’t forget to examine the dimensions of your new place because, obviously, it’s crucial.

Plan of rooms with some tape measure and rulers.

Make sure to measure everything before setting plans in motion.

Make sure you have the proper packing supplies and equipment

If you are packing by yourself, you probably have some pre-existing knowledge about how to do it properly. No? Well, you should, since it’s not like you can place your large bed in a small box and move it. Make sure you know what you are doing and what kind of packing supplies you will need. You don’t want to damage your precious furniture because the unnecessary expense is the last thing you wish when moving to Manhattan. When it comes to loading, you will need additional help and equipment. Since here, the DIY method could be trouble than worth, you should probably try your luck with a moving company. Have professional crews transport your wooden furniture, deal with all the packing and heavy lifting, and simply save yourself from any risk.

Know how to disassemble the furniture

When it comes to large furniture, the way to reduce its size is to through disassembling. Again, it requires some knowledge about how to do it properly. Not to mention you will need decent tools. But, this is the only way some large furniture can be passed through small doors and tight places. Bear in mind that some pieces of furniture like antiques and heirlooms are not made for disassembling. They can easily break in the process and the repairs can cost you a lot. If you are not really skillful with disassembling, then perhaps it’s the best time to call professionals. They already have enough experience and are familiar with almost any kind of furniture.

A massive bed in a bedroom.

Disassembling large furniture like this requires skill.

Reducing the weight before you move heavy pieces of furniture to your new Manhattan apartment

One thing you can do without much skill is to try to reduce the weight of your large furniture. And not only large but the furniture in general. All those extra drawers, cushions, and even side-parts are just adding the weight. So why not remove them all? Lifting an empty wardrobe is much easier without all those drawers inside. Not to mention that it’s much better to maneuver the furniture around without having to worry about moving parts hitting the walls. Tight spots, sharp corners, and staircases can be a real issue if a large piece of furniture is too heavy and with loose parts.

A kitchen desk with many drawers.

It would be foolish to lift it with all the drawers inside.

Pack properly to move heavy pieces of furniture to your new Manhattan apartment safely

We already mentioned packing supplies, but providing them is only half the job. You need to know the right ways to pack your heavy furniture. Every part of the furniture, every surface needs appropriate protection from damage during loading, transport, and unloading. This is especially important for delicate large pieces like pianos and similar expensive items. If you are not familiar with packing fragile items, then it’s time to hire professional packers. If nothing, it’s a guarantee your items are in safe hands.

Avoid getting yourself and others hurt

Finally, one of the most important things to know when you move heavy furniture pieces to your new Manhattan apartment is how to avoid injuries. Getting full-service movers is a sure way to stay out of any potential danger. Lifting heavy furniture is no small task so you should never try to do it on your own. If you don’t want to hire professionals, then at least call some friends or family members to help you. Make sure you know appropriate lifting techniques and provide the right protection gear and equipment.

It requires some knowledge to move heavy pieces of furniture to your new Manhattan apartment. It’s not an easy task, and every information about how to do it properly is worth gold. In the end, knowing your limits and asking for help is completely fine as well.