Have you recently moved to a New York and you’re in need of a roommate? Are you planning to move, simply call NYC Moving. But what to do if you can’t cover the costs yourself? Start your life in New York on the right foot with helpful tips! Finding a perfect roommate is never an easy task. Luckily, New York is one of the cities which hosts a wide array of people. Together with its marvelous cityscape and parks, New York is blessed with a young population that is attracted by the numerous career and job opportunities, and a life filled with culture and various other content. Before finding someone to share a room with, costs can seem astronomical. Luckily, when starting a quest to find roommate in NYC, there are quite a few starting points.

NYC photograph picturing how much people live there and how to find roomate in NYC

New York is blessed with the young population which is attracted by the numerous career and job opportunities

You have more contacts than you think

The median age for NYC in 2014 was 35.8 years, according to the New York government’s site. Also, there are more people in NYC than in the other forty states. This, together with the median age, means that there are a lot of students as well. Think about it this way – students are connected to at least hundreds of other people at their campus. Let’s not even start talking about their social network fluency. If you know someone who’s a student who might be willing to help you in your attempt to find a roommate in NYC, it’s definitely worth a try. You may contact an old friend that was on Erasmus exchange, a friend that started University after having paused their education for work, or a friend that has just now started their Post Doc. Chances are that some of them are connected with younger students or possible roommates as well. 


New York is blessed with the young population which is attracted by the numerous career and job opportunities, and the life filled with culture and various other content.

Consider family as a source of information!

When looking for contacts in a certain city, sometimes you’ll discover that you have relatives living in a New York that is willing to help you or go apartment hunting with you. Also, you can talk to your parents about their contacts in New York if you remember them being employed there. When looking for a perfect roommate or a flat, we often forget to ask people that we have in our close circle. Why is that happening? We don’t want to bother our family or we simply don’t perceive them as another person with numerous social connections. Furthermore, the family might sometimes have expectations that sometimes tend to complicate things. This might deter you from exploring this option, which is why it would be wise to weight the pros and cons of that inquiry.

Research can help you find roommate in NYC

For example, knowing where to move when you are a recent college graduate can help you be more specific in your search for a roommate. To find out more about New Yorkers and their habits, you can look at numerous posts on our blog. It will help you realize what people want in general and how to find your roommates easier. That way, when you ask someone for help in finding a roommate, you can be more specific about the location and timing of your move. When you are providing information that is too vague, people don’t tend to take you as seriously. On the other hand, providing a specific time frame demonstrates the determination of the mind, and that’s definitely a quality someone might want in a roommate.

to do list on a phone

Having an organized list in the midst of chaos can help you track your progress and not forget to contact everyone.

When in doubt – make a list!

Before starting to invest time and energy into roommate hunt, check out the frequent mistakes that people make when moving in 2020! Making a list of the resources that you can explore is a good starting point. It will ensure that you don’t forget to contact anyone that you can. Having an organized list in a midst of chaos can seem like a lifesaver, and it will help you keep track of all possible options. When you finish talking to your family and relatives, for example, write the results of the conversations next to the tickbox so you can revisit the information easily later. This can also help you if you end up having more options available. Then, weighing pros and cons of your new potential roommates can be crucial.

An example of a checklist that will help you find roommate in NYC:

  • Ask your high school and college friends
  • Explore family contacts – including parents and wider family
  • Ask good friends that you may have lost contacts with
  • Teachers and organizations that you’ve been a part of – They are usually very happy to hear from you and ask about your life. They are also connected with generations of students that they’ve taught. They might be able to suggest someone that they’ve taught or coached and provide contact information.

Don’t settle until you find a perfect roommate!

While searching for a perfect roommate, don’t forget to mention how much having one can help! A roommate is someone that will share your living space, be there after work or after the classes. They will witness your struggles, be there to celebrate the happy times with you or see you angry. You want them to be as complementary to your personality as possible. Don’t settle for a roommate that you don’t have a good feeling about. There are a lot of options – safer but with fewer people than you can reach, or riskier but with a lot more choice. To find roommate in NYC, you have to be persistent and resourcefulIt’s up to you – whichever route you take, just make sure to stay safe. With as many people of various types as New York can offer, you’re guaranteed to succeed!