So, you have to move? Maybe you are a college student moving for the first time. Maybe you move often for work. Be it as it may, having affordable and reliable movers is key.

But hey, what if you don’t have any real experience with moving companies, or you had some bad experiences? Well, we are here to help you determine exactly what makes a perfect mover for you! We will provide you with some hallmarks of affordable and reliable movers to make sure you know exactly what you are looking for.

Here are some things to consider when making that decision on who will be in charge of safely moving your stuff to your new home:

  • Clear prices – affordable and reliable movers are the ones who offer fairs costs.
  • Ratings and user experience – what are the experiences of past users?
  • Insurance – are your things well insured?
  • Discounts – a veteran, senior or a student? You might be eligible for mover discounts!

Prices – are they affordable?

Look, no matter where you live, and no matter the background, saving some bucks where it is possible and not damaging is good and understandable.

squeezed wallet

Having a tight purse can be difficult. This is exactly why knowing the price range (or the actual price) of the move is so important. Nobody likes surprises in this realm.

Be it that you are trying to find moving professionals in Belmont, moving around cold Alaska, getting movers down in Florida or on the West coast, the rules are the same – fair prices mean a fair business.

Be sure that the prices are clear. While movers cant often guarantee exactly how much moving will cost at the first glance, ask them to be open about their pricing methods and to give you the first draft on the price tag you are expected to pay. This means having good communication with the moving company and honest expectations.

Ratings and user experience – affordable and reliable movers should also have some experience

Experience is everything in the moving business. Knowing some company has a lot of it means that:

  1. Know how to do their job and have seen and overcome many hurdles that can occur in the business,
  2. They are still in business, which means they are having a good relationship with their customers.

In the olden days before the internet, you might have to take your shot from a sympathetic and in the newspaper, a hunch or a literal word of mouth from a friend or acquaintance. For example, finding movers in Saugus area wasn’t ease as today. But now, in our interconnected modern world, any company is a click away. More importantly, so are their reviews. Users nowadays can review and rate any company they use.

Study those ratings. Are they generally high? What problems are people rating them unusually low complaining about? Do they seem fair and reasonable? And those high reviews, do they go into much detail on what made this service so good?

customer to an affordable and reliable movers

Affordable and reliable movers are best recognized by customer reactions to them.

Generally, you want a moving company to be recognized as pleasant to communicate and work with, reassuring and ready to step up in front of unpredicted problems.

Insurance – what do they offer?

Look, nobody wants it, but if you need it, you need it. Having to rely on someone means you have certain guarantees that, should something go wrong, it won’t leave you hanging.

There are always unforeseen things on the road, and sometimes, they are serious problems. This might mean a bump on a road that made that vase break, but it could be something more serious. Insurance will make sure that should something happen, it doesn’t mean you are left with only the damage.

To help in this, try making an inventory of things you have. Create a list with all your valuables and state they are in. You can also communicate this with the movers. This will make it so that you know exactly if some damage occurred during the move, and it wasn’t present prior.


Skills your mover should have so you can be sure that everything possible is being done to move your stuff safely.

And yes, we know, you know your stuff best, but do write it down. It’s a convenient proof both you and the movers. It never hurts to have something you already know written down for all to see, just in case.

Discounts – the perfect way to meet affordability quota

We cannot stress this enough. You should always, always, look into discounts. Imagen trying to live in NYC on a budget after spending a whole lot more than needed on your move. Exactly – there is no need! Let’s look at some groups regularly eligible for discounts.


Let us say you are moving to NY for college… You need some money. Actually, you need all that you can find. Most moving companies keep this in mind and offer hefty discounts for students. Most of the time you need your Student card and you can only use it on your first move, but that should be just what you need when you are leaving the nest and going to college.

Veterans and active military.

We thank you for your service, and so do the moving companies with discounts. Most will demand some proof of active or pass service, but the discounts they offer are pretty good and helpful, especially when moving with a lot of items on long journeys, such as your service might demand.


Having entered the golden age, we remind you that affordable and reliable movers are your right. Many companies will offer discounts to help you move into that dream home you deserve. Eligibility usually means that you are over 50 years of age, but this might be different from company to company…

A few more words

With these tips in mind, finding affordable and reliable movers should be much easier, as you know what you are looking for. We know its stressful, but having a good move will do wonders for the challenges of adjusting to a new home you just moved into. Good luck in your search!