Moving somewhere alone can be tough and often overwhelming. And when that somewhere is New York City – this can become a nightmare. The city can sometimes seem like a huge beast – there are so many people rushing everywhere that you can feel alone even if you are with friends. This is why when you are moving to New York for college or for work, and you find yourself alone, you might be looking for a roommate. (not to mention how good of an idea finding a roommate in New York can be with how high the rents can get!) However, one of the toughest things for you might be finding a roommate in the city – especially if you never needed to find one before. This is why in this article, we give you some key things you will need to remember when you want to find a roommate in NYC.

Use every tool you have to find a roommate in NYC

When you want to find a roommate in NYC, there is one thing you are sure to run in – a lot of people. Just like you, there will be hundreds and hundreds of people looking for roommates in the city. This can be both a good and a bad thing. It is good because you will have an opportunity to meet a lot of people, but it can be bad because this can seem like a sort of competition.

A person reading online ads.

You can find roommates online.

This is why you need to prepare well for the process. Start searching for a roommate a month or two before the move. The sooner you find them, easier it will be, so it’s important to start early. If you are moving to NYC with a family and then breaking off, maybe they can help too. One of the safest ways to find a roommate is by word of mouth. Maybe your friends’ friends know someone who is in the same situation as you – and would love to introduce you.

If not, don’t despair! There are so many online tools that you can use to find a roommate in NYC! Websites like Craigslist allow you to post an ad for free. However, you need to be careful when using them. Not all people are totally honest here – so don’t reveal too much personal information about yourself online! There are other websites that you can use, both for free and with a fee. It’s a smart idea to do some research on this and make a list of their pros and cons before deciding!

Meeting potential roommates

After you have discovered potential roommates, you should organize a meeting with them. This might not be possible to do in person when moving from a small town to New York, but you should try and have an online conversation at least. Simply, you need to be aware of who you will be living with – and they will probably want the same. Just remember never to agree to live with someone unless you know they are who they claim to be!

People drinking coffee, trying to find a roommate in NYC.

Meet for a coffee and a chat.

If meeting in person, remember to be safe. Meet at a neutral location to have a chat, and then move on to show the apartment. This should apply whether you or your potential roommate have an apartment, and it’s for safety. While talking to them, be free to ask them questions about their lifestyle. Otherwise, you might end up living with a person who throws parties all night when all you want to do is sleep!

Make sure you ask about their hobbies and skills, too. You will want to know if they listen to loud music, play video games or have company often. This can also influence your utility bills (like television, for example), so it might be a problem with some people. They might also be able to teach you something new, or share some packing tips and tricks with you! This will come in handy when getting ready to move in!

Finally, a point many people find dissatisfying to talk about is chores. However, we encourage you not to shy away from it. You will want to know how often a person cleans or washes their clothes, for example. Not only will that affect the bills, but it’s just a thing to be aware of!

Make your decision on your new roommate

The final thing you will want to check when you are trying to find a roommate in NYC is if they can cover the costs. Paying rent and getting professional movers in New York can sometimes be expensive. You want to make sure that the person won’t trick you and end up making you pay or getting you in trouble for not respecting the lease! Make sure they have a steady income and ask about their job.

A chessboard - your hobbies should not clash.

Find a roommate who matches you well.

Finally, it is completely normal to ask people for references. When you want to find a roommate in NYC, you want to make sure everything is alright, right? So, talking with their previous landlords is always a good way to do this. They are the people who (usually) will not hide anything from you. They will be open about having troubles with their tenants, or telling you just how lovely they were. Finally, do a background check on them, just to make sure they are safe. Expect that they will do the same with you! Then, all that’s left to do is pick a person you believe you will fit the best with, and your New York life can begin! And once the moving-in process begins, in case you have too many stuff to transport at once, then use the convenience of renting a storage unit. Just make sure you’ll pick the right size of a storage unit so that all of your things would fit, but also that the unit won’t be too large so that you would have to pay additional money.