Moving for work when you already have an offer comes with its own set of challenges. However, it is much easier to relocate when you have this big piece of the puzzle already in place. On the other hand, moving to a new city without having a job already lined up adds another stressor to your already full plate. In order to ease this anxious time in your life, here is how to find a job when moving.

How to find a job in a new city? Add a local address to your CV!

One of the basic mistakes people make when trying to find a job when relocating is to leave their current address on their CV. Hundreds of out-of-towners answer online job postings without being serious about relocation. As a result, employers have taken to completely disregarding CVs that don’t state a local address. If in any way possible, swap your current address for a local address on your CV or your LinkedIn profile. Also, clearly state your serious intentions of relocating in your cover letter. While you’re preparing for your interview, make sure you think about how you can assure your prospective employer that your relocation plans are solid.

a tabletop with job ads, a notebook and a cover letter

Use your cover letter to show you have serious plans to relocate.

A recruitment company will have the best job search tips for when you want to relocate

Most people hire professionals to organize their move, so why not hire professionals to help you find a job when moving? Checking out moving companies will help you learn about movers’ rates and services and hiring a recruitment company will help you know how to find a job in a new city, or they will do it for you!

The internet is your friend when you don’t know how to find a job when moving

If you’re planning a self-move, or just want to save money when moving for a job, you can use the internet to your advantage. There is lots you can do online to help you find a way how to job search when you’re moving. Setting up apps or applying to mailing lists is a good idea. They will alert you when there is a new job posting in a preferred field. You can also easily look to LinkedIn for help in finding a job in your new location.

A woman despairing over her computer while trying to find a job when moving

Don’t give up hope if your job search doesn’t go well right away.

Give it time

Not knowing where your next paycheck is coming from is very stressful. In order to avoid this, make sure you’ve saved up before starting on the relocation process. This will allow you to have some room to search for the right opportunity. Don’t feel discouraged if your first few attempts end up not working out, but keep sending those applications. Furthermore, stay flexible with your plans and be prepared to accept some temp positions if you get the offer. You never know where it may lead!