As you already know, there are a lot of people living in New York City and a lot more of them are yet to move there. And one of the main problems people living in New York City have is the lack of storage space. If you have been living in New York City for a while, you know just how hard finding a home with enough storage can be. They are either too expensive or there is something else not right with these homes. This is why a lot of people who are living in New York are on the search for a good storage unit. And this means that there are a lot of people searching for something that is already not so easy to find. Now, when it comes to where and how to find a good storage unit in New York City, you might find this article helpful.

Know where to look

The first thing is that you have to know just where to look for a good storage unit in New York City. There aren’t many places but there is one where looking is nothing but a good idea. It is the internet. Searching for a storage unit online is a much faster, better, and cheaper way to find some extra storage space. But this is a hard task as well. New York City is one of the biggest and most populated cities in the world. This is why finding something that everyone is looking for is not such an easy thing to do.

Google search on Laptop.
Searching online for what you need is always the best option.

When searching online, one of the best places to go to is, of course, real estate websites. No matter whether looking to purchase one or rent one, this is where you will find some good options. You will know that the price you are paying for the storage unit is realistic, as it has been rented or sold to you through a real estate agency or agent. But there are more places you can look. One of them is storage unit renting companies. But unfortunately, not a lot of people know that such a thing exists. There are many reasons to rent out a storage unit. We are here to tell you all you need to know about these companies and why this is a good investment.

Storage unit renting companies

There are companies that rent out or sell storage units and storage units alone. Just as you have car rentals, you also have storage unit rentals. Finding them is easy, you will find them online as soon as you start looking for a storage unit. But a lot of people seem to believe that companies renting out storage units are renting them to businesses. When in fact, they rent them to people who just want to store some things away from their homes as well. And as you are a New York City resident looking for some storage space, this is just the thing you need.

You can rent a storage unit for a period of time just as you can do so with an apartment. Sure, it is an extra expense, but it is a good one to have. You can view it more as an investment rather than an expense. Because it is an investment. You are investing in something you need – more storage space. And as moving to a new home is a much bigger expense, this is a very good option to consider. There are ways to find cheap storage units in NY as well.

Storage unit building.
Renting a unit from a storage unit renting company is the best option.

Have in mind that just as you need to hire movers to move your things when moving, you also need to find a way to get your things to this new storage unit. And as we know that most of these storage unit buildings are located outside of the city center, if you do not have a car, you will certainly need some professional assistance. And who better to call than


There is not much we can tell you about pricing. It depends on the size of the storage unit, its condition, and location. If it is in perfect condition and has all the extra features such as extra locks, surveillance, and security, it can be quite an expense. But if you do not care for what it looks like, you can find one for a very small price.

Find a reliable storage unit company

A good storage unit in New York City is not easily found. You need to know some things about storage units and just what makes them good. Well, for starters, this depends on what you need to have stored away. If you are an artist or a collector and you want to store away some paintings, sculptures, vases, or anything slightly more important to you or easily damageable in any way, you need to search for units with special conditions. Renting just any storage unit is not what you should be doing if you want to keep these things safe and undamaged while they are being stored away.

Storage unit doors.
Safety is very important when storing this away.

This is why you need to find climate-controlled storage units. These are very safe units where you can store even the most valuable things and things that are easily damaged such as oil paintings, wooden furniture, and similar. You also need to make sure that the unit is safe. It needs to have a lock with a unique key. Our tip is to add some form of security of your own. Install camera surveillance or a few extra locks. If storing something valuable, these are very important steps to take. You also have to make sure that you pick the right storage unit company among so many of them.