Finding a reputable moving company can be quite a demanding experience. If you’ve decided to rely on experts to help you with the moving process, you want to get the best value for your money. But how to find a good mover? If you opt for a bad mover or a company with bad reputation, you may easily become a victim of a scam. If you’re lucky, you’ll only end up with a job poorly done. In order to avoid frustration, the waste of your time and money and potential scam, you need to take this job seriously. Put in time and effort to find a reputable moving company and we’ll lead you through the most important stages of the process.

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Pick a reliable mover and avoid frustration and potential scam

Take your time

Don’t wait until the clock strikes 12. If you’re looking for a mover at the last moment, you won’t have time to compare more than a few moving companies. Moreover, you won’t have time to evaluate the quality of their services or negotiate about the price. Start looking for a good mover at least one month before the big day. You don’t want to look desperate and jump at the first bid you come across. They need to know you have enough time to change your mind and, in that case, they’ll treat you differently.

Make sure the company owns a license

Licensing depends on the laws of the state the mover is located in. If a moving company operates across the state borders, they need to register their vehicles with the U.S. Department of Transportation. However, professional moving companies from New York need to have a USDOT number even if they operate within the state borders. In order to get a license, movers ought to have insurance and pass exams in the appropriate legal matter. These exams and requirements vary from state to state, however, choosing a licensed mover gives you some assurance about its credibility.

Find out more about the services

There are many different services that may or may not be included in the moving process. Depending on your preferences, the best moving company for you may be the one that’ll do absolutely everything and take the entire job off your shoulders, or a less expensive one, which will carry out the transport and no more than that. Ask yourself which part of the job you find the most grueling or you cannot carry out without professional help. To help you out, here’s a range of services you may expect from a good mover:                                                                   

  • packing & unpacking
  • loading & unloading
  • the supply of boxes and packing material
  • storage
  • transport

    Two moving boxes stacked onto a trolley.

    You can choose moving services depending on your needs

Check the company reviews

The best way to find a good mover is to get recommendations from the people you know and trust.However, if you don’t have anyone close to you with experience in moving, another option is to check customer reviews online. You can find customer reviews and complaints at the Better Business Bureau, together with the info on the accreditation of a mover’s business and the overall rating of its services.

A reliable company also needs to have a website with all the necessary contact info. If you want to avoid scams and unreliable movers, you need to pay attention to details regarding the contact information. A reliable mover will always provide all their contact information and answer the phone number displayed on the official website. Within working hours, of course!

Arrange in-person estimate

Even though you will be tempted to hire a mover over the phone or online, it would be best to arrange an in-person meeting in your home. You cannot get precise information about the moving costs and the amount of time they’ll need to complete the moving process until you show them your home. Experienced movers will get take the whole picture once they see your apartment, current location and the location you’re heading for. They will also take into account the number of bedrooms and furniture you want to relocate. Apart from that, they’ll determine the price according to the following:

  • the amount of time moving takes (hourly tariff)
  • whether you’re moving interstate or cross-border
  • your location in the city

Negotiate terms of the move

The person in charge of estimates has seen everything there is to see and made an offer. Don’t jump at it the second you hear it. The costs of your move are not firmly fixed as they would like you to believe. Especially if you’re not opting for the full range of services. If you’re doing a part of the job on your own, you leave enough space to negotiate a better deal that fits your budget. If you find a good mover, they will demonstrate flexibility and readiness to adapt to your wishes and needs. Customer-oriented moving companies aim at retaining their clients and they care about their satisfaction, which means they will be ready to negotiate and consider your demands.

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A good mover will demonstrate flexibility and readiness to negotiate


Plan your budget

A good moving company is the one that fits your budget. It’s as simple as that! If you’ve done all your research and made sure it isn’t a scam company, found that the range of services they offer suits your needs and negotiated about the price, now it’s time to consider affordability. If you take enough time to compare the bids of several moving companies, you will also have the time to plan your budget. Of course, affordability does not guarantee the quality of service, but you shouldn’t be deceived into believing that high prices account for quality either. If you really want to find a good mover, you’ll need to find the balance between affordability and quality. So go ahead – take your time, do the research and plan your budget. Choosing the right moving company is worth all the trouble!