It is the job of movers to make sure that all of your stuff comes in one piece. But what happens if this isn’t the case? In this guide, we are going to explore how to file a moving damage claim. So, without further ado, let’s jump straight into it!

Parts of the process

On your relocation day, your movers will prepare an itemized inventory with the condition and quantity of your goods. You have to be in a complete agreement with this inventory if you want to file a moving claim later. This is how reliable moving companies like TIMS Moving Company do things. That way you will have the documentation needed for filing a claim.

Broken phone requires a moving damage claim.
If a moving company damaged something you own, you have every right to file a moving damage claim.

Upon your delivery if you find out that some of your stuff is damaged or missing you can follow through with your moving damage claim.

Here’s how you can follow with your claim with the moving company:

  • Get in contact with the agent that handled your move to request the particular paperwork needed for filing a claim. You shouldn’t count on your movers to do it since you need to deal with the moving company itself.
  • You have to keep your damaged goods for inspection.
  • Try to do it as soon as you can. After you’ve listed any damaged or lost items, the form you have listed has to be returned to the mover as soon as possible.

How does it all work?

When you file your claim, a claim adjuster will be assigned. It can happen that the moving company of your choosing already has its own claims department. If they don’t have a claims department they might have a claim specialist.

First, you have to have an inventory. An inventory is a document, a list of all your stuff that is being moved. You need to have this if you want a smooth relocation. This document is very important since you need it to file a claim. If something that was moved and damaged on the move is not in the inventory, the moving company bears no responsibility for that stuff. Basically you have signed the inventory and it is your responsibility to read it thoroughly and compare it to the stuff you are actually transporting.

A list of stuff in a notebook.
You have to have an inventory.

After that, you will want to file a claim if something is missing. You can go straight to the moving company or to its body that handles the claims. If the moving company doesn’t have a body for claims, go to their claims specialist. It is important to file a complaint as soon as you find out that something is missing or is broken. Keep the thing that is damaged for inspection. People usually toss the thing and later they claim that something was damaged, this is a classic mistake people make when they are moving.

What does a moving damage claim do

Basically, by filing a claim you are saying to the company that some of your stuff was broken or is missing. If the company is responsible for that, they are obliged to repair or replace the thing. That way the customer is protected from the moving company. But with inventory, the company is protected from customers.