Retirement is the time when everything slows down a little bit. One of four citizens older than 65 finds retirement to be depressing. People who had spent years and years just working and building their careers often cannot find their purpose after retirement. It is very sad since they gave so much to society and yet, now they feel useless. Living in a big city such as New York City doesn’t always help and people can feel quite lonely when they stop working. However, it doesn’t have to be like that and there are many ways to enjoy retirement in NYC.

Downsizing is often the key to enjoy retirement in NYC

It is not a secret that New Yorkers spend fortunes on their rent. When you retire, you don’t get the income that you used to and quite often your retirement money is not enough to support your previous lifestyle in NYC. That means it’s time for downsizing. You do not need a big house to eat up all that you have been saving for years. Your mortgage and maintenance bills will be considerably lower if you move away from the City center or find a smaller place that suits your current needs. Get yourself a new place, find a company that offers services for successful senior relocation and your life will become much easier. Reducing financial stress is good for your health too.

Figurines - two elderly people sitting and laughing

Retirement is the time to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

The best advice is to stay active

The end of your career means the beginning of another chapter in your life. Of course, you are not as young as you used to be, but that is not the end of the world. Staying active is very important for your physical and mental health. If you are not used to physical exercise, maybe you should try something slower like walking, yoga or swimming. So many fitness clubs have special programs (and lower prices) for their elderly citizens. Sometimes seniors find it difficult to make new friends, but staying active is good for socializing too. So, why wouldn’t you use the opportunity to stay healthy and enjoy retirement in NYC?

Visit some new parks to enjoy retirement in NYC

There is so much to know about living in NYC, especially now that you get the time to do whatever you want to. There are many parks in NYC that you can explore. Have a picnic with your partner or a friend in that park across the town that was always too far from your workplace for you to go and have lunch in. Or you can go visit Brooklyn Botanic Garden, it’s very nice at any time of year. You can also go to Wildlife Conservation Society Zoos, the tickets for seniors are very affordable.

Friends and family time

One of the benefits that retirement brings is time! Now you have got all the time in the world to spend with your friends and family. If you have grandchildren now you can finally enjoy watching them grow up. Your children will be grateful for the help they are getting from you, the grandchildren will love you even more and you will feel on top of the world. Isn’t that priceless? If you enjoy hosting family gatherings, now you have more time than ever to do so.

Elderly lady reads to her grandchildren - great way to enjoy retirement in NYC

Spending some quality time with your grandchildren is a great way to enjoy retirement in NYC

Try some new hobbies

Look at the bright side of not going to work anymore – now you don’t have to rush anywhere and you can take your time to enjoy what you really like. Is there a hobby that you have always wanted to try? You should go for it! NYC offers more workshops and courses then you can count, and surely you can choose one or two that you like.

Don’t be afraid to try something that you have never done before. You might discover that you are very good at dancing or playing a musical instrument. Upgrading your gardening skills can be rewarding in two ways. You will be satisfied to see the fruits of your labor and you will not have to pay for the expensive gardening services. Speaking of expenses, there are┬ásome tips for living in NYC on a budget that you should try and implement.

Elderly woman with a professional camera

It is never too late to start a new hobby.

Enjoy retirement in NYC – the cultural capital of the world

Some people describe New York City as the cultural capital of the world. And, it is true that you will never run out of interesting things to do in NYC. Here is just a small portion of what NYC has to offer:

  • movies, plays, lectures, and concerts that happen daily
  • a stand-up comedy – New York is considered to be the heart of it
  • museums, art galleries, and libraries – New Yorkers are very proud of those
  • festivals and parades
  • sports events – going to NFL events is how some seniors enjoy retirement in NYC

The NYC food scene is amazing!

Due to its population that originates from all over the world, New York is a diverse culinary city. If you already live in NYC you probably have your favorite places to go to. But if you have just moved to NY with your partner, visiting some of the most famous food places in NYC must be on top of your list of priorities. The city is not only famous for its fancy restaurants and long waiting lists, but also there are some more affordable places where you can buy a decent meal. Whichever cuisine you can think of, you can find it in the streets of New York. Many fast food restaurants offer healthier options if you are into that.

So, since now is the time when you reap what you sow, you should try to relax and enjoy retirement in NYC. As you can see, this amazing city has so much to offer and all you have to do is choose.