Living in basement apartments have always been popular among the New York population. Although some people are questioning if that is legal, there are so many reasons for living there. However, not everybody is thrilled to live in a small place with mold on walls and with bad light.

Urban buildings

Living in basement apartments could mean living in the center of the city for a favorable price

Things that you should know when living in basement apartments

Basements in New York have become a symbol of living in this city. You can see them on TV shows or even movies. Usually students and low-income singles live there. Do not forget that basements are typically small so you will get rid of many things. In that case, you can always find a cheap storage unit in NY.

  • Living in the basement means much lower monthly costs – due to lower rent costs;
  • Owners give the fixed price of these places, so you do not worry about it for the long term;
  • You will live alone there, not only because there is no space for a roommate, but the price is more than attractive for one person;
  • You will be in the center of the city;
  • Center presumes crowd, but some people find it attractive – you will always know if it is raining or not.

You surely have reasons to choose to live in basement apartments. The only you should know before that step is how living there looks like.

Bad things that you should know for

There are many bad things that you should know before come to live in the basement. Being a part of the building, but it’s a lower part, basements are always on the bottom. That gives them a special feeling and atmosphere. Unfortunately, it is not still a good thing.

Mold on walls

Living in basement apartments does not mean that you must have mold on walls

Mold and humidity

It is evident that living in basement apartments presumes mold and water. It could be unpleasant, but you can protect your basement from it. Just start on time, as you come here to live.

Radon gas

This gas exists in places closest to the soil. It arises as a product of composting. That is why it is common in basements. However, it is very dangerous for people. You can use special radon gas kit to find out if your basement is full of this gas.

The good thing about basements

Luckily, there are no only bad things about basements. Living in the basement apartments could be very interesting and attractive. You should know what to prepare yourself on. In that case, you could be delighted with these small parts of the city.

Basement near by river

Be aware of the fact that basements are below the level of the street

Fewer costs

The most appealing about basements is their price. The owner cannot ask a high rate for them. Other renters in the building will share the price of gas and electricity with you. Your installation is connected with theirs. That could be one of 10 smart tips for living in New York on a budget.

You will have your private entrance

Not only that you will live in the center of all happenings in the city, but you will also have your entrance. Basements are usually separated from the rest of the building. That could be an excellent reason for living in basement apartments.