After you’ve made the choice to relocate, you’ll have to deal with another challenge: finding an apartment. So, unless you’ve put some money aside to buy a house, you’re out of luck. It’s very likely that you’ll be looking for a loan. You’ll be in good company since tenants account for more than 60% of the city’s population. When you continue your search for the ideal home for you. So, let’s go over our NYC Moving guide to renting your first apartment in Brooklyn!


When looking for an apartment in Brooklyn, the price is always the most important consideration because a large portion of your available cash will most likely be spent on rent. The general guideline is that your lodging expenditures should not exceed one-third of your annual earnings. If you spend more than that, you are legally obligated to pay rent—and most landlords in New York City would accept renters whose total annual income exceeds Forty times the monthly rate.

Dollar bills
Knowing your budget is crucial when looking for an apartment in Brooklyn!

Given that down payment for renting your first apartment in Brooklyn is often 20% of the assessed value, saving as much as you can is critical. Many people may experience sticker shock as a result of this information since they believe they can get away with a lot less money. You should consider these things if you are renting a storage unit or anything else.


Do you think you’ve figured out how much you can spend now? Because the truth is so different, I’m afraid you may be misled in your assumption. You won’t know how much you can spend until you’ve spoken with a mortgage lender, gotten your preapproval, and have the cash in your savings account. Preapproval is a simple and straightforward process. The lender may go through your earnings, examine your checks, and question your present investments and debts. It takes less than three to four days, and you’ll have a good idea of the greatest price range you can afford.

Check the apartment

Check out each apartment you’re considering renting in NYC. It is also necessary for a variety of other reasons, including ensuring that the flat is as described in the ad. You should also look for signs of water contamination, mold, pests (check any drawers, cupboards, and refrigerators for bugs or mouse droppings), and other obvious deal-breakers.

Person writing a checklist for their apartment in Brooklyn
Checking the apartment before signing your lease is a crucial step, make sure that your apartment is in good condition!

If you’re lucky, you could run across a kind neighbor who can answer your questions about the building, its occupants, and your potential landlords. And if something starts to appear or feel odd, trust your instincts. There’s always a beautiful apartment on the market; you just have to keep your eyes peeled.

In conclusion

Your first apartment will hold a special place in your heart, so don’t settle! There are several processes and procedures that go into choosing the proper apartment. All you have to do is be aware and stay in touch with real estate professionals during your apartment search.