It’s time to move yet again. You’ve somehow chosen NYC as the location of your new home. Still, there’s a choice ahead of you still haven’t paid attention to. Picking out the best NYC borough is a tough decision. The thing is – you can’t go wrong choosing whatever you desire to choose. NYC is a marvelous gem of a city. Every corner of it screams history and culture. You need to select an NYC borough that suits your most personal needs. That’s where we enter the picture. In the article below we’ll try to help you pick out the best NYC borough. And when we say the best – we’re not pretending we’re objective. Let’s say the best borough is the one you find most charming. As we’ve mentioned earlier, you shouldn’t worry too much about making the wrong choice. In NYC not much space is left for mistakes.


We’ll start off with the most recognized NYC borough. It’s basically some sort of a symbol of the city. Rare are those who haven’t got a clue what Manhattan looks like. Now, let’s talk business. Some of Manhattan’s neighborhoods are seen as the safest in the whole of NYC. It’s pretty safe to say it’s one of the safest boroughs of NYC, although some parts of Manhattan shouldn’t be recognized as such. Times Square, for example. Crime rates are lowest in Roosevelt Island, Battery Park City, and Tribeca if you want to know the details. Also, Manhattan neighborhoods are known as the most expensive in NYC. So if you’re thinking of moving on a budget – you’d might wanna skip Manhattan. On the other hand – if you can afford Manhattan you’re probably already in love with it. In that case, our words have no function. Let’s check out the next borough on the list.

Manhattan’s iconic imagery. Everyone with the slightest sense of pop-culture phenomena has this picture in mind when thinking of NYC.


This one is for all you food-loving people. Needless to say – there are a few people outside of the mentioned category. Queens is recognized as the place for gastronomy enthusiasts in NYC. The borough owes a lot to its past. You probably think: well, local history is rich, I guess? Being the most culturally diverse borough of NYC, it’s pretty safe to say that the history of Queens is the collective history of its residents. A strong sense of community is the best thing about living in Queens. Alright, alright… And the food, of course. If you’re thinking of settling there expect great local support. Queens area movers are known to provide quality services. You can easily find teams who know the area well, there’s no need to worry. If you’re in the category of people that skipped Manhattan, Queens might be the alternative you’ve dreamed of. Affordable housing, great food, and friendly neighbors are things that make Queens a great place for living.

The Bronx

Now, this borough is struggling with gentrification for quite some time now. That can mean only one thing. More and more people are moving there. Although it once had a bad reputation, you can say it’s one of the hottest areas in NYC these days. For some of you with suburban-like neighborhood fantasies, there’s a beautiful neighborhood in the Bronx that might suit your wishes perfectly. Riverdale, one of the areas in the Bronx is exactly that. Lots of green spaces, beautiful prewar mansions, now mostly co-op housing communities, and idyllic parks are qualities you should expect when you settle in Riverdale. It’s quite affordable, too. Let’s check out the last one on the list. Certainly, not the least.


Ah, the famous Brooklyn. The place where once the great Walt Whitman lived. Imagine a stereotypical brownstone building. You’ve placed it in Brooklyn, right? Although not as costly as Manhattan, some Brooklyn neighborhoods are among the most expensive in NYC. The rest is not so high-priced. It’s also more peaceful than Manhattan as if you already didn’t figure that one out. If you’re a fan of history – Brooklyn’s made for you. Some areas are protected by US law because of their historical significance. Also, Brooklyn movers are one of the best in the country. If you’ve never moved before here’s a friendly suggestion – experts are the best assistance. If you’ve moved before – you’re already familiar with the fact. Moving is almost always a tough process – try making it more stress-free.

A summer day in Brooklyn, NYC
The summers in Brooklyn are the coolest. Lots of shade makes hot summer days seem like spring.

Staten Island

Staten Island is officially the safest borough of NYC. It’s great for families starting fresh. Staten Island offers a lot of space for kids to play. Here’s an interesting fact. Did you know the famous Staten Island Ferry carries 20 million passengers at a yearly level? Now, that’s something. Also, the Ferry is your best way of transport to Manhattan. The prices are much more reasonable than in the other boroughs of NYC. Staten Island is sometimes called The Borough of Parks. We’re sure you don’t need an explanation there, right? So, if you’re the family type Staten Island might be the best borough of NYC for you and your loved ones.

A man taking a picture aboard the Staten Island Ferry.
Capture some beautiful moments on the famous Staten Island Ferry.

A few more things before we leave

So, there you have it. A quick guide through NYC boroughs. Let’s do a quick summary. It goes something like this: if you’re in search for an affordable neighborhood, Queens, Staten Island and the Bronx should be your picks. Otherwise, it’s either Manhattan or Brooklyn. Check out the Bronx quasi-suburbia in Riverdale, or Staten Island (also called The Borough of Parks) if you want a place your kids can grow up freely and safely. Especially if you’re moving to NYC from a small town. For gastronomy enthusiasts there’s Queens. In any case, take a ride on the Staten Island Ferry. Hopefully this article has helped you pick out the best NYC borough for you and your family. Although it’s pretty short, we believe you’ll find it to be pretty informative. Best of luck.