You are not the first person to relocate to New York for work. And who can blame you? New York City offers unimaginable possibilities. It has a strong job market. In addition, the people who you will work for are the best in their business. But before you can grab hold of all the opportunities, you need to get to New York. NYC Moving has a guide to moving from Alabama to New York for work in 2022. 

Plan before moving from Alabama to New York for work in 2022

The first step in your relocation to New York is to write down a plan. Plans are dependent on your situation, so we will only tell you what you should consider when organizing. 

First, when organizing your relocation to New York from Alabama, set apart time to find a good moving company. If you do not want to waste time finding reliable movers, can assist you. They have an extensive database of good moving companies that can get you to New York hassle-free. 

Second, account for decluttering time of your home in Alabama. Then, think about where you will get packing supplies.  Furthermore, moving from Alabama to New York will be easier with enough time for packing. Also, since you are relocating for work, notify your new workplace of your arrival. Finally, give yourself enough time to unpack when you arrive in your New York apartment or house. 

a notebook
With a good relocation plan moving from Alabama to New York for work in 2022 will not be overwhelming.

Next, we will explain each part of the New York moving plan. 

Looking for a relocation company to get you to New York 

The first task in your relocation to NY from Alabama is finding someone to assist you. Today you can find many moving companies, but you need to know how to distinguish the good ones from the bad. Typing in your browser – Alabama moving company will provide many results.

To find the best ones, you need to look at the reviews. There are many sites where you can find reviews. Look at the moving company website, Facebook page, Instagram profile, and Yelp. And do not do only surface-level research by looking only at the ratings.

Make a list of moving companies and then contact them. You can discuss your moving needs over the phone or in person. Ask about their rates and what services they provide. If you have any special items like musical instruments, ask them if they have any experience with relocating those. When you are talking to a moving company, your goal is to determine if they respect your needs and if they are responsive to your question. Hire a moving company with the best rates and helpfulness. 

bearded man holding moving boxes, learn about moving from Alabama to New York
With good local Alabama movers, your interstate relocation to New York will be a piece of cake.

Finally, you can let skilled people jump in and help you find the best Alabama interstate movers. They have industry knowledge and can go deeper when recommending companies than only moving reviews. 

Moving from Alabama to New York will be easier when you declutter 

With fewer items, your relocation to New York will be more comfortable. Here are the steps to purge your Alabama home: 

  1. Make an inventory of your household items, and as you are writing them down, decide what you want to throw away;
  2. Gather all the unwanted items in a pile;
  3. Decide if you will sell them, give them away or donate them. 

Giving them away and donating are the fastest way to get rid of your undesirable items. Selling them can take some time unless you have a successful yard sale. 

Finding reliable packing materials to get your stuff to New York

When the decluttering is complete, you can begin looking for packing materials in Alabama. If you are looking for packing materials alone, you should measure all of your items before buying any moving boxes. By measuring your household items, you will know how many boxes and wrapping materials you need. In addition, it will prevent you from overpaying for packing materials. To ensure your items survive the trip from Alabama to New York, get these things: 

  • Boxes of different sizes, get cardboard and plastic boxes; 
  • Wrapping materials – packing paper, bubble wrap, packing peanuts, packing foam;
  • Tape and a tape dispenser to close your cardboard boxes;
  • Markers to label your boxes. 

The fastest and most effortless way to get moving supplies is to ask your moving company to provide them

Packing for your move from Alabama to New York

When you get decluttering and the packing materials, you can begin packing. Here is how to make sure your items arrive in New York undamaged: 

  • Before you put anything in the boxes, line them with bubble wrap or packing paper
  • No matter the size of the boxes, put the heaviest items first to make them more stable, preventing them from turning over in the moving truck; 
  • To any glass or fragile items, add extra cushioning;
  • Finally, label every box to make your life easier when you arrive in New York.

If you follow the above tips, you will not have any problems with broken belonging after moving from Alabama to New York.

Unpacking when you arrive in New York 

Packing is the end of your relocation, and you are basically finished. There are a couple of ways you can unpack.

You can let the movers unpack you as soon as you arrive – this will cost extra. If you do not want to pay movers to unpack, you can do it yourself in a day. The most relaxing way to unpack is to get things out of the boxes as you need them. It will take you a week or two, but it will not seem like work. 

two women surrounded by moving boxes.
If you packed correctly, unpacking in New York will not be challenging.

You are ready to move from Alabama to New York for work in 2022

With our guide to moving from Alabama to New York for work in 2022, the process will be effortless. And if you have any more questions regarding your relocation to NY, shoot us an email.