As you get older, dealing with a larger home becomes more difficult. In addition, your kids have moved out, and you do not need the extra space. You want to be with your pet and relax in a smaller place where your family can come and visit you. It is time for you to downsize to a smaller home. We here at NYC Moving have downsizing tips for seniors with pets. Let’s begin! 

Dealing with your pets 

Since you have pets, let’s first deal with them and then move on to downsizing. You can not downsize in a day. It will take you maybe a week up to a month. For most of the time, your pets are going to be with you. To prevent them from getting in your way, you can use adjustable gates to keep them from the room you are working in. 

two dogs on couch
One of our downsizing tips for seniors with pets is to get them out of your home on moving day.

On moving day, ask someone to take care of your pets. Keeping the pets in a separate room is not a good idea because all the new people coming into your house can make your pet anxious. Get them out of the house for a few hours until movers complete their job. And if you live in an apartment, this is even more significant because it is a smaller space. Before you get out of your apartment, learn how to sell your apartment quickly.

The second tip on our list of downsizing tips for seniors with pets is inventory

Let’s move on to the second tip, taking inventory. Writing a list of all of your items will help you in two ways. 

  • Taking inventory is one of the excellent downsizing tips for seniors with pets because it will prevent you from forgetting any of your items.
  • And the second way a list of belongings is helpful is that it will help you stay organized. 
An image of a notebook
With a list you can sort items faster and downsize faster.

Take inventory room by room. You can write down everything in a notebook or a phone if you are tech-savvy. 

Now that you have a list, you only need to decide which movers to hire and find adequate help easily. Local movers can asssist you with everything you need during your relocation – from packing to transport and unloading. They will do all the heavy lifting, while you and your pet can get ready for your new home.

Deciding what to do with your items

Use your list to decide what you will do with your belongings. There are four options. You can keep them, put them in long-term storage, give away/donate or sell. And, of course, get rid of any duplicates.

The final tip on our list of downsizing tips for seniors with pets is to get assistance

When you complete sorting, you need to pack everything up and move it. As we’ve mentioned, avoid doing this by yourself. Ask your family to help you or hire professionals. Make their job even more comfortable with Ben Hur Moving & Storage NYC. With their supplies packing and moving will be a breeze. 

You are set 

We hope our downsizing tips for seniors with pets assist you with your relocation. Good luck!