Do you want to move to NYC by yourself? It is a big step, so if the answer is YES, then you must be fully prepared for each step of the relocation. What is important to know and to learn? How to accomplish tasks? DIY move to NYC is not the easiest option, but it is cheaper. If you have a tight moving budget, you should be creative and to take some of the tasks in your hands.

A view of NYC

NYC is a big city and that is why you should be prepared for each step of a relocation process

It is not a secret that New York City is expensive. That is why people choose to move their household items on their own. Before you start with anything, learn how to choose the right moving truck size, where to find packing supplies, ask friends for help, organize your day, make a checklist, etc. Luckily, we have some simple tips and tricks to help you move like a pro to NYC.

First, determine is a DIY move to NYC for you or not

Before you start with organizing and preparing for relocation, the first step you should take is to determine can you move everything by yourself or not. For example, if you have never done this before, and you are moving to NYC with a family, then thin twice and consider hiring a moving company.

Yes or No checklist

If you are not sure about moving by yourself, then do not do it. You can pack boxes, but let someone else transport them to NYC. It is also one of the ways to save money

If you do not have strong friends to help you pack, load and unload heavy and large furniture, it is impossible to do it alone. Also, you (or some of your friends) must be an experienced truck driver. NYC streets are very busy and the traffic is crazy. Parking a big moving truck or a van may be a problem. if no one has any experience, you will take a huge risk. Safety is always in the first place, not the money. 

Tips to move by yourself to NYC

If you are sure you can do it, then let’s start with packing tips and tricks, and the rest of the process. DIY move to NYC will save you bucks and that is the main reason why people doing this. Living costs in NYC, rent, food, bills are high, so you should save money for the period after moving. Start on time and do not waste your time. As soon as you find out about moving, start with organizing. Your stress level will not be that high and you will finish everything on time.

Ask friends for help

Without people willing to help you, it is not possible to relocate by yourself. Make a list of all your friends who want to help you pack and load moving boxes in exchange for pizza and beer for example. They should be strong because there will be many heavy and large items to lift. Also, you will need help for unloading too. DIY move to NYC does not mean exactly a move by yourself, you will need some kind of help. 

Labeled moving boxes

It is not easy to lift heavy boxes alone, so you will definitely need helpers

Rent a moving vehicle or a moving container

Of course, you will need a vehicle to transport all your belongings. It will make your move much easier and faster but only if you know how to drive it and if you have experience. It is not expensive to rent a moving vehicle, so you will stay on a budget. Also, you can find rigging trucks with winches for your needs.

There is another way to transport items, by renting a moving container. Your job will be to load and unload it, and a company will come to transport your moving container.

Start earlier than you think is enough

When moving by yourself, you will have a lot more obligation and tasks to do. So, logically, you will need more time. Immediately when you find out about moving, start with preparations. Create a moving checklist and you will not forget anything.

Collect packing supplies and equipment

Collect firm and quality moving boxes. You can get them for free in stores or to purchase them. Also, you will need a dolly to move heavy items for your home to a vehicle too. Besides these two items, you will need packing tape, wrapping material, scissors, and marker for labeling.

Moving boxes on a dolly

You will need to find all the moving supplies before you start packing

Pack your boxes

Packing moving boxes, packing the moving truck, it is all part of the moving process. Do not overpack boxes with stuff and label them to unpack faster and easier. Everyday pack about 2 boxes, starting with items you will not need before moving. Packing essential box is highly recommended. If you want to save more money, do not pack all your items. After all, NYC apartments are small, so you will not have enough space for all of them.


It is possible to finish a DIY move to NYC successfully. It is not simple, and it is not recommended if it is a long-distance move, but in any other case, if you think you can do it, then do it. NYC is crowded, loud, full of people, it has almost everything you want. From business opportunities to amazing restaurants. If your budget for relocation is not that big, it does not have to stop you fulfill your dream about living in the most famous city in the world. Just to know, there are many affordable companies in NYC that can offer you a really good deal for the service. If you are not sure that you can pack and transport household goods by yourself then do not risk and look for movers.