In case you want to decorate your kids’ room, but you have no inspiration, then you are in the right place. Here, in this article, you will find some good and simple DIY decorations ideas for your kids’ room. Trust us, neither one of these is difficult to make. However, absolutely every one of these will make your kids happy and will look great in their room.


If you have little girls who love playing with Barbie or some other dolls, a dollhouse will be their dream come true. You can use wood to make it. Moreover, you can also put more effort and make furniture for their dolls. However, if they already have some furniture, just arrange all these items when you finish with the house itself. In addition, you can also paint it in pink, white, or some other colors that your kids like. And that goes with the rest of their room, of course.

A Barbie sitting on a bench before you place it in a Barbie house made according to DIY decoration ideas for your kids' room.
Consider making a dollhouse and furniture.

Art Display is one of the great DIY decorations

Then, you can create an art display. If your kids love drawing and coloring, you can put their works of art on one of the walls of their room. This step is pretty easy and does not require too much effort. In case your kids have a table when they often draw or color, their art display can be placed above that table. If you decide to do this, it will look beautiful and will definitely improve the atmosphere of the whole kids’ room. In addition, you can add some string lights on the wall with the kids’ drawings.

Two boys drawing.
Use your kids’ drawings and create an art display in their room.

Birdhouse Lamp can be one of the best DIY decorations for your kids’ room

The next thing that will look adorable in your children’s room is a birdhouse lamp. You can use wood to make it and you can put it near your kids’ beds. It will be both a decorative and practical item that your kids will adore. Also, you can paint it in some color if you want. Or you can leave your kids to have fun while doing it. Just make sure to do this in your yard. The mess can be pretty chaotic when children start playing with the paint.


Moreover, you can make a bookshelf for your children’s room. This will be a very practical thing and will serve them for a long time. Maybe they will even take it with them when they move out and go to another city for college. If you like, you can paint it also. When you are done, you can arrange your kids’ books and add some family photos in frames and string lights to decorate everything.

Little table and chairs

The majority of kids love using small tables and chairs. They can draw or color on the little wooden table, or play some games. Many parents find the little table and chairs absolutely necessary objects in their kids’ rooms. Therefore, you should consider making them for your children. They will be practical and will also look great when put in the right corner.