Properly maintaining an apartment is one of the most overlooked processes. When people buy an apartment, they rarely think about cleaning. Instead, what crosses their minds is how perfect their life is going to be in it. However, sometimes you have to do boring tasks if you want to live in a well-organized and clean space. So, if you bought a new apartment that hasn’t been properly cleaned, or if you haven’t paid much attention to cleanliness until now, then this guide is for you. Deep cleaning your apartment may be boring, but it doesn’t have to be hard!

Make a plan

This tip might seem redundant, but trust us, it isn’t. It is better to have any kind of plan instead of aimlessly walking and carrying stuff around the apartment, wasting precious time in the process. In short, you should have a cleaning strategy ready!

Deep cleaning your apartment with a plan.
Your cleaning strategy doesn’t have to be too complex. You just have to know in what order you’ll be cleaning your apartment.

Make sure to have enough packing and cleaning materials for your cleaning spree, and you should be good to go. Also, have a game plan. Make sure to go room by room and to clean one thing at a time.

The bathroom should be easiest to clean

Thankfully, most bathrooms are easy to clean, but they can be one of the dirtiest rooms, even if they seem clean on the surface. So, here are some tips and hacks.

Make sure to wear gloves and protective gear when deep cleaning your apartment. You will be dealing with dangerous chemicals like hydrochloric acid and potentially hazardous pathogens, so protect yourself well.

When cleaning a toilet bowl, make sure to also clean the base. This is one of the most overlooked and dirtiest places in any bathroom. Also, you diligently clean any edges and corners in other parts of a bathroom.

Disinfect handles and doorknobs at the end of a cleaning process. That way you’ll prevent all the pathogens and chemicals from going in or outside the bathroom.

Declutter everything in the room

Before you start cleaning your room, make sure to take away anything that might be on your cleaning path. Have several boxes nearby for items in the room.

Also, roll up your carpets and clean them separately. We recommend taking them to professional cleaners for a deep wash.

It is best to do decluttering in spring or summer, so you can open your windows and let the dust and other particles out. Cleaning in a small and closed space can be very hard on your lungs.

Vacuum at the end of a cleaning process

Deep cleaning your apartment with a vacuum cleaner.
When you’re deep cleaning an apartment, it is best to vacuum at the end.

When you are cleaning a living room or a bedroom, you should clean and vacuum the floors at the end of the cleaning process. When you are dusting or cleaning surfaces, dust and other unwanted particles are going to fall. By vacuuming and cleaning floors at the end, you’ll prevent yourself from doing that twice. The same is true for all rooms when you’re deep cleaning your apartment.