One of the most common and everlasting problems in New York are small and expensive apartments. Not only you have to tightly manage your budget but you need to worry about the physical space inside your home. We all like to buy things we “need”. The truth is, we tend to overdo it quite often. So, we end up in a small cluttered space fighting for every inch of the space. It has to stop someday, so what else can you do than to learn a couple of decluttering tips for New Yorkers. In order to make your life better.

Necessary decluttering tips for New Yorkers

As we all know, making the best out of what you have is not always easy. Local New Yorkers know how much effort it needs. In this case, taking the most out of your small place is hard. But, it’s possible with a few tips that can really improve the quality of life. Also, these¬†decluttering tips for New Yorkers can be lifesavers for people who are moving to NYC first time. Normally, you can hire one of the companies like Movage Moving New York City to help you out with moving. But, you still need to deal with decluttering before the move, and after the move. So, what can you do?

You can take advantage of storage space

The solution you might want to consider is keeping your items in a safe NYC storage. Why? Well, no matter how many times you are getting rid of items, some of them just keep staying around. Usually, those are some family heirlooms, memories, or artworks for which you don’t have enough space atm. Or, it can be a seasonal gear that takes a lot of space. You can’t keep them inside your home so storage solution might be the best option.

One room at a time in NY?

Quite often, you can hear people saying that you need to declutter one room at a time. However, it doesn’t simply apply quite well for NY apartments. Most of the time you won’t have “more rooms”, take the loft as an example.

A kitchen and a dining room merged together.

A kitchen and a dining room in one is a great solution.


But it’s a good practice to know just in case. In fact, we can call it “one corner at a time” strategy.

  • For Kid’s room – transparent bins can help you with toys, as long as your kids keep them sorted.
  • Sorting the closet – keep your everyday items in front.
  • Bathroom issues – separate everything you use to keep your toiletries organized.
  • Infamous kitchen – keep it clean and group both items and groceries by type and function.
  • For your bedroom – make sure it’s for relaxing and resting, only essential are allowed (books, nightstand, etc.).
  • The living room – give yourself some break and arrange it at your own taste. Just don’t make storage of it.
  • Dining room – make it for dining and nothing else.
  • Home office – get everything that can keep your possessions in place, like shelves, drawers, even recycle bin.

Don’t pile things up

Whatever you do, don’t just pile the same items up. In fact, every time you buy something, you can try to get rid of something else.

Use vertical space

As a true New Yorker, try to make the best of your walls and other vertical space in your home. Normally, shelves are a great option here. However, you can apply creative solutions like hanging baskets and ladder placeholders.

Add storage to unusual places

Even if you are renting a storage space, you can always make more storage inside your home. Unused corners, space below stairs, and small places between furniture are always there for some creative ideas. In fact, you can even hide things in plain sight inside the furniture.

: A complex puzzle box.

Just like the puzzle box has hidden compartments, your furniture can have it as well.

There are literally a hundred of decluttering tips for New Yorkers to make the maximum use of your space. All you have to do is to let your imagination and creativeness loose.