Have you ever heard of Cookeville? A hidden gem in the state of Tennessee filled with many opportunities for young people to take advantage of. With a population of about 30,000, this city located in Upper Cumberland County is actually considered a micropolitan area. For a small community to be recognized as such, it must be a vital economic center. Considering that the city is home to a couple of well-known universities and that it offers plenty of chances for career advancement, the latter is no surprise. However, moving anywhere comes with an adjustment period, and the same applies to moving to Cookeville.

Making the move as a student could prove especially tough. Thankfully, we’ve compiled a guide to all things Cookeville that should allow you to get to know the place a bit better. To put it simply, make it feel more like home.

Before you consider moving to Cookeville, research your housing solutions

This is especially important if coming from a distant place. You cannot even consider a Cookeville relocation without knowing what kind of housing solutions the city offers. Nevertheless, if looking to settle here, you’re in luck since the housing price here is quite affordable. As a matter of fact, some sources say that the average rent associated with living in a one-bedroom apartment is as low as $500! The amount presented here is drastically lower than in the majority of US cities. And considering everyone knows that living on a student budget is a real challenge, lower costs are true lifesavers!

There are a couple of housing options available to choose from. It’s up to you to pick one that suits you and your budget best!

A young student thinking of moving to Cookeville
Students can choose between a couple of different housing solutions when moving to Cookeville.

Staying on-campus

With the city being home to many higher education institutions such as Tennessee Technological University, Tennessee Bible college, and the acclaimed Genesis Career College, it’s natural that plenty of students want to live in Cookeville.

Possibly the most affordable option for most is to stay on-campus. If need be, students can remain inside their rooms during the holidays, for an additional charge, that is. Still, while there are pros to living within the bounds of campus, certain rules are associated with it. Drugs, smoking, and alcohol are strictly prohibited on the premises!

Tennessee Tech University, for example, offers its students a couple of different housing solutions, such as

  • Residence Halls
    Residing here gives you unlimited access to clean water, electricity, WiFi, and phone lines. Inside these buildings, there are also cleaning facilities that provide laundry services free of charge. Students can also find comfort knowing that all residence halls also come with special study areas. And if they happen to feel hungry or thirsty during the breaks, they can rest knowing the place is packed with vending machines available for use.

As far as the actual rooms are concerned, they are equipped with all items necessary for everyday life in Cookeville. Inside you will find a bed with a mattress, drawers, a chair, and a desk. Rooms are quite affordable, too, considering that a one-bedroom dormitory will cost you as low as $2,500 per semester.

  • Tech Village Apartments
    So you’re interested in moving to Cookeville but would like to live in a place that feels more like an actual apartment than a dorm room? Then, Tech Village Apartments are for you! These are especially great for those with a tight budget, considering you could share a two-bedroom between four people and pay as little as $1,400 per semester.

Searching for housing off-campus

If campus life is not really your cup of tea, the city still has plenty of other affordable housing options. To avoid making some common moving mistakes, consider certain things before choosing the perfect place to reside in Cookeville.

Do you have a fixed budget, or can you afford a bit of flexibility? Does the size of the apartment matter to you? Do you have any pets you would like to bring with you? Would you like to live alone, or would you like to have a roommate? Does the place come with furniture? Are utilities included in the price? How far away is the home from the campus? These are all fundamental questions you must find answers to.

A picture of the inside of an apartment that you might find while moving to Cookeville
Apartments are fairly priced within the city, so finding an affordable one isn’t that difficult.

What makes moving to Cookeville a great idea?

Let’s face it; relocations are stressful. Yes, there are rules to help you handle them better, but they still remain full of hassles. However, when you like a place you are moving to, and we guarantee you will like relocating to Cookeville, the move becomes more bearable.

Many students grow to love living here so much that, upon graduating, they decide to stay in the city! This certainly comes as no surprise when we consider all the positive aspects of residing in Cookeville.

Otherworldly landscape

Close to the city lie wondrous secrets of mother nature. If you decide to move to Cookeville and happen to own a car, you can give yourself the satisfaction of driving to the nearby Crossville and Plateau to Monterey. Here you can enjoy the greenery and a plethora of breathtaking waterfalls. For the scenery that includes mountains and hills, going North of the city is for you.

A man inside the cave under the waterfall
There are plenty of breathtaking waterfalls for you to enjoy near Cookeville.

Decent career advancement opportunities

The place is small, so what? It’s still one of the major tech hubs. Even though some people end up relocating to nearby Nashville and Knoxville for work, there really is no need to do so for most as Cookeville is full of opportunities for career advances. The unemployment rate is low and has a trend of dropping.

Full-on four seasons experience

If you are moving to Cookeville for your studies but are a fan of all four seasons, you’ll be happy to know life here provides you with precisely that! Spring is especially beautiful, thanks to the mesmerizing flower blossoms. Summer is hot but bearable, while autumn full of coppery colors and temperatures that aren’t as cool. Winter is tolerable, a bit cold with occasional light snow instances. No matter what type of weather you like best, one thing is for sure. Cookeville can provide you with the one to your taste.