Are you living in a small home? Moreover, do you have a small bathroom? If this is the case, keep scrolling to find out how you can utilize the given space to the fullest extent. If you are a beginner looking for tips on space-saving then these clever storage solutions for small bathrooms are the right thing for you!

What’s even better about these solutions is the fact that they are easy to achieve. Furthermore, you can DIY them and don’t break the bank while doing so! If you opt for the DIY path, you will get the added benefit of satisfaction that stems from a sense of pride in your work. So do it and show the world you are capable!

Floating shelves are one of the best storage solutions for small bathrooms

It’s true. Floating shelves are great when it comes to solving the problem of small spaces. Even in your bathroom. What is even better is the fact that they won’t corrode or decay over time. That means that once you install them, you don’t have to worry about maintenance. On the Wikipedia page for floating shelves, you can find the right dimensions of screws you need to use. This is especially useful if you are just starting out with the whole DIY thing.

Installing floating shelves is one of the best storage solutions for small bathrooms.
See how floating shleves can be awesome?

The only thing you need is plywood, some screws, and you are good to go. The good thing about plywood is that it’s affordable and can be cut to size very easily. Moreover, it’s easy to maintain and you can choose the color that will suit you the best. After you install them, you can rest assured that they can hold 10 to 15 lbs with ease. Since you won’t be putting books or anything heavy like that in your bathroom, we think that you will effectively solve your problem of a lack of space.

Floating drawers are a great option too

So, floating drawers are a bit harder to install, but they make for a great storage addition. With them, you can store your hygiene utensils, smaller cleaning products, towels, underwear, etc. very easily. They are also great if you are doing a deep cleaning of your apartment since you just have to wipe the dust off of them.

Multi-purpose lockers are an option too when it comes to storage solutions for small bathrooms

A cabinet or a locker can be a great way to save space in your bathroom. Even though it may sound counterintuitive, it is true. Smaller lockers or cabinets won’t take up a lot of space but will provide you with a great option for storing everything you need in the bathroom.

A shelf as one of the storage solutions for small bathrooms.
Just instead of your wardrobe, hold the necessary bathroom items in the cabinet!

This is especially true if you have a washer and a separate dryer in your bathroom. Once you figure out how to stack them on one another, you will be able to put a locker beside them and you will end up having more space than previously. But, don’t take our word for it. Try it out and thank us later! Good luck remodeling.